College Basketball Play by Play - Alabama vs. Cincinnati

1st Half
20:00 CINCYJumpball received by Sean Kilpatrick
19:360-2CINCYJaQuon Parker made Jump Shot, Assist Sean Kilpatrick
19:26 BAMALost ball turnover on Rodney Cooper, Stolen by Justin Jackson
19:040-2CINCYJustin Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:390-2BAMARodney Cooper missed Layup, Blocked by Justin Jackson
18:300-2BAMATrevor Releford missed Floating Jump Shot
18:25 CINCYDefensive Rebound by JaQuon 18:25
17:56 BAMAPersonal foul on Levi Randolph
17:500-5CINCYSean Kilpatrick made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist JaQuon Parker
17:20 BAMALost ball turnover on Trevor Lacey, Stolen by Sean Kilpatrick
17:130-7CINCYCashmere Wright made Driving layup, Assist Sean Kilpatrick
16:392-7BAMALevi Randolph made Reverse Layup, Assist Trevor Lacey
16:142-7CINCYCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:14 CINCYOffensive Rebound by JaQuon 16:14
16:112-9CINCYJaQuon Parker made Layup
16:11 BAMAShooting foul on Nick Jacobs
16:112-9CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Free Throw
16:11 BAMADefensive Rebound by Levi 16:11
15:402-9BAMALevi Randolph missed Floating Jump Shot
15:36 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Sean 15:36
15:312-9CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Layup, Blocked by Levi Randolph
15:25 BAMADefensive Rebound by Nick 15:25
15:23 BAMALost ball turnover on Trevor Lacey, Stolen by JaQuon Parker
15:09 BAMAShooting foul on Nick Jacobs
15:09  Official Timeout
15:092-10CINCYCheikh Mbodj made 1st of 2 Free Throws
15:092-11CINCYCheikh Mbodj made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
14:492-11BAMAMoussa Gueye missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Justin Jackson
14:49 CINCYDefensive Rebound by JaQuon 14:49
14:47 CINCYOffensive foul on Justin Jackson
14:47 CINCYOffensive Foul turnover on Justin Jackson
14:414-11BAMARodney Cooper made Jump Shot, Assist Trevor Releford
14:254-11CINCYTitus Rubles missed Layup
14:18 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Titus 14:18
14:104-11CINCYCashmere Wright missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Moussa Gueye
14:07 BAMADefensive Rebound by Levi 14:07
13:594-11BAMATrevor Releford missed Layup
13:53 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Sean 13:53
13:444-13CINCYSean Kilpatrick made Driving layup
13:03 BAMA35-second shotclock violaton turnover on Trevor Releford
12:34 CINCYLost ball turnover on Sean Kilpatrick, Stolen by Trevor Releford
12:25 BAMALost ball turnover on Trevor Releford, Stolen by Ge'Lawn Guyn
12:16 BAMAShooting foul on Moussa Gueye
12:164-14CINCYJermaine Sanders made 1st of 2 Free Throws
12:164-15CINCYJermaine Sanders made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
12:03 BAMAOut of bounds turnover on Retin Obasohan
11:494-15CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
11:44  Official Timeout
11:33 BAMALost ball turnover on Retin Obasohan, Stolen by Titus Rubles
11:324-17CINCYTitus Rubles made Layup
11:20 CINCYTravelling turnover on Jermaine Sanders
11:144-17BAMATrevor Lacey missed Layup
10:564-17CINCYTitus Rubles missed Layup
10:51 BAMADefensive Rebound by Moussa 10:51
10:367-17BAMADevonta Pollard made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Retin Obasohan
10:117-17CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Layup, Blocked by Moussa Gueye
10:03 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 10:03
10:0010-17BAMATrevor Lacey made 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:3710-19CINCYTitus Rubles made Jump Shot, Assist Cashmere Wright
9:00 BAMAFull Timeout
8:5710-19BAMATrevor Lacey missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:57 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Cheikh 8:57
8:2210-19CINCYJustin Jackson missed Jump Shot
8:10 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 8:10
8:0910-19BAMATrevor Releford missed Layup, Blocked by Cheikh Mbodj
8:01 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Trevor 8:01
8:04 CINCYPersonal foul on JaQuon Parker
7:5510-19BAMARodney Cooper missed Layup
7:46  Official Timeout
7:2910-19BAMATrevor Releford missed Layup
7:25 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Moussa 7:25
7:2112-19BAMARodney Cooper made Floating Jump Shot, Assist Levi Randolph
6:55 BAMAPersonal foul on Trevor Releford
6:4912-19CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
6:45 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 6:45
6:4014-19BAMATrevor Lacey made Jump Shot
6:26 BAMAShooting foul on Levi Randolph
6:2614-19CINCYCheikh Mbodj missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
6:2614-19CINCYCheikh Mbodj missed 2nd of 2 Free Throws
6:26 BAMADefensive Rebound by Nick 6:26
6:1216-19BAMATrevor Lacey made Jump Shot, Assist Rodney Cooper
6:05 CINCYFull Timeout
6:0416-21CINCYCheikh Mbodj made Slam Dunk, Assist JaQuon Parker
5:41 CINCYPersonal foul on Sean Kilpatrick
5:3518-21BAMADevonta Pollard made Layup, Assist Trevor Lacey
5:0818-23CINCYJaQuon Parker made Floating Jump Shot
4:5218-23BAMANick Jacobs missed Hook Shot
4:44 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Rodney 4:44
4:4320-23BAMARodney Cooper made Layup
4:39 BAMAPersonal foul on Rodney Cooper
4:3920-24CINCYTitus Rubles made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:3920-25CINCYTitus Rubles made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
4:1420-25BAMATrevor Releford missed Jump Shot
4:09 BAMALost ball turnover on Retin Obasohan, Stolen by Titus Rubles
4:0020-25CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
4:00 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Cheikh 4:00
3:5620-25CINCYCheikh Mbodj missed Layup
3:53 BAMAPersonal foul on Retin Obasohan
3:53  Official Timeout
3:5320-26CINCYSean Kilpatrick made 1st of 2 Free Throws
3:5320-27CINCYSean Kilpatrick made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:4720-27BAMANick Jacobs missed Layup
3:2820-29CINCYCheikh Mbodj made Layup
2:5620-29BAMADevonta Pollard missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
2:52 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Trevor 2:52
2:42 BAMAOffensive foul on Devonta Pollard
2:42 BAMAOffensive Foul turnover on Devonta Pollard
2:3220-29CINCYTitus Rubles missed Jump Shot
2:30 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 2:30
2:19 CINCYPersonal foul on Titus Rubles
2:1422-29BAMATrevor Releford made Floating Jump Shot
2:0722-29CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Jump Shot
2:02 BAMADefensive Rebound by Moussa 2:02
1:5224-29BAMATrevor Lacey made Driving layup
1:2024-31CINCYTitus Rubles made Driving layup
43.024-31BAMADevonta Pollard missed Layup
40.0 CINCYDefensive Rebound by JaQuon 40.0
38.024-33CINCYJaQuon Parker made Driving layup
12.0 CINCYPersonal foul on Cashmere Wright
7.0 CINCYPersonal foul on Ge'Lawn Guyn
1.027-33BAMATrevor Releford made 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:3729-33BAMARodney Cooper made Driving layup
19:1629-33CINCYCashmere Wright missed Jump Shot
19:14 BAMADefensive Rebound by Moussa 19:14
19:0429-33BAMARodney Cooper missed Jump Shot
18:4729-33BAMARodney Cooper missed Layup
18:42 CINCYDefensive Rebound by JaQuon 18:42
18:38 CINCYLost ball turnover on JaQuon Parker
18:13 BAMALost ball turnover on Moussa Gueye, Stolen by Justin Jackson
18:0429-33CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Jump Shot
18:01 CINCYOffensive Rebound by JaQuon 18:01
18:0029-35CINCYJaQuon Parker made Layup
17:3631-35BAMAMoussa Gueye made Layup, Assist Rodney Cooper
17:36 CINCYShooting foul on Cashmere Wright
17:3632-35BAMAMoussa Gueye made Free Throw
17:2032-35CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Layup
17:17 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 17:17
17:1134-35BAMATrevor Lacey made Jump Shot
16:55 BAMAPersonal foul on Trevor Lacey
16:5334-37CINCYCashmere Wright made Reverse Layup
16:29 CINCYPersonal foul on Cheikh Mbodj
16:1834-37BAMAMoussa Gueye missed Layup, Blocked by Cheikh Mbodj
16:12 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Titus 16:12
16:0534-37CINCYJaQuon Parker missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:01 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Cheikh 16:01
15:39 BAMAPersonal foul on Trevor Releford
15:39  Official Timeout
15:39 CINCYOut of bounds turnover on Titus Rubles
15:2836-37BAMALevi Randolph made Driving layup
15:2836-37CINCYTitus Rubles missed Turnaround Jump Shot
15:28 BAMADefensive Rebound by Nick 15:28
14:4436-37BAMARodney Cooper missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:38 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Cheikh 14:38
14:3536-37CINCYTitus Rubles missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:30 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 14:30
14:2338-37BAMATrevor Lacey made Driving layup
13:5038-39CINCYCashmere Wright made Driving layup, Assist Titus Rubles
13:3840-39BAMANick Jacobs made Layup, Assist Rodney Cooper
13:27 BAMA30-second Timeout
13:1340-39CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
13:07 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Titus 13:07
12:5640-41CINCYJaQuon Parker made Driving layup
12:24 BAMALost ball turnover on Retin Obasohan
12:2440-41CINCYTitus Rubles missed Layup, Blocked by Nick Jacobs
12:1840-41CINCYTitus Rubles missed Layup
12:13 CINCYOffensive Rebound by David 12:13
11:5940-41CINCYDavid Nyarsuk missed Jump Shot
11:53 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Sean 11:53
11:5040-41CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:45 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Sean 11:45
11:4540-43CINCYSean Kilpatrick made Layup
11:2842-43BAMATrevor Releford made Layup
11:28 CINCYShooting foul on Ge'Lawn Guyn
11:28  Official Timeout
11:2843-43BAMATrevor Releford made Free Throw
11:2043-46CINCYJaQuon Parker made 3-pt. Jump Shot
11:0643-46BAMANick Jacobs missed Jump Shot
11:03 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Nick 11:03
11:0343-46BAMANick Jacobs missed Layup
11:02 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Levi 11:02
11:02 CINCYPersonal foul on Sean Kilpatrick
10:58 BAMAOffensive foul on Nick Jacobs
10:58 BAMAOffensive Foul turnover on Nick Jacobs
10:2643-46BAMATrevor Lacey missed Layup
10:20 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Devonta 10:20
10:1945-46BAMADevonta Pollard made Slam Dunk
10:08 CINCYLost ball turnover on Cashmere Wright, Stolen by Trevor Releford
10:0147-46BAMATrevor Releford made Driving layup
9:46 CINCYBad pass turnover on JaQuon Parker
9:46 CINCY30-second Timeout
9:2947-46BAMARodney Cooper missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:26 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Justin 9:26
9:1447-46CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
9:10 BAMADefensive Rebound by Levi 9:10
8:5347-46BAMATrevor Releford missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:50 CINCYDefensive Rebound by David 8:50
8:3947-46CINCYJustin Jackson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:34 BAMADefensive Rebound by Moussa 8:34
8:3047-46BAMALevi Randolph missed Jump Shot
8:25 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Justin 8:25
8:1947-48CINCYJermaine Sanders made Reverse Layup, Assist Cashmere Wright
7:5550-48BAMATrevor Lacey made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Trevor Releford
7:4550-48CINCYJermaine Sanders missed Jump Shot
7:41 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Sean 7:41
7:4050-48CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Layup
7:31 BAMADefensive Rebound by Rodney 7:31
7:38 BAMAPersonal foul on Moussa Gueye
7:38  Official Timeout
7:2750-48CINCYTitus Rubles missed Jump Shot
7:1750-50CINCYGe'Lawn Guyn made Jump Shot
7:01 CINCYPersonal foul on Ge'Lawn Guyn
6:2750-50BAMANick Jacobs missed Layup, Blocked by Cheikh Mbodj
6:27 BAMAOffensive Rebound by Trevor 6:27
6:2650-50BAMATrevor Lacey missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:22 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Cheikh 6:22
5:5850-50CINCYTitus Rubles missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
5:55 BAMADefensive Rebound by Trevor 5:55
5:4452-50BAMANick Jacobs made Hook Shot
5:31 CINCYFull Timeout
5:1952-50CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Jump Shot, Blocked by Devonta Pollard
5:08 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Cashmere 5:08
5:0752-50CINCYJaQuon Parker missed Jump Shot
5:07 BAMADefensive Rebound by Rodney 5:07
5:01 BAMATravelling turnover on Trevor Lacey
4:37 CINCYLost ball turnover on Cashmere Wright, Stolen by Trevor Releford
4:35 CINCYPersonal foul on Cashmere Wright
4:10 BAMALost ball turnover on Trevor Releford
3:5452-50CINCYCashmere Wright missed Layup
3:54 CINCYOffensive Rebound by Titus 3:54
3:51 CINCY30-second Timeout
3:51 CINCYOffensive foul on Cheikh Mbodj
3:51 CINCYOffensive Foul turnover on Cheikh Mbodj
3:51  Official Timeout
3:51 BAMALost ball turnover on Nick Jacobs, Stolen by Cashmere Wright
3:0452-50CINCYCashmere Wright missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
3:00 BAMADefensive Rebound by Levi 3:00
2:46 BAMABad pass turnover on Rodney Cooper
2:32 BAMAShooting foul on Nick Jacobs
2:3252-51CINCYSean Kilpatrick made 1st of 2 Free Throws
2:3252-52CINCYSean Kilpatrick made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
2:07 CINCYPersonal foul on Sean Kilpatrick
2:0752-52BAMALevi Randolph missed Free Throw
2:07 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Titus 2:07
1:48 CINCYLost ball turnover on Cashmere Wright, Stolen by Trevor Lacey
1:37 BAMA30-second Timeout
1:3654-52BAMANick Jacobs made Layup, Assist Trevor Lacey
1:12 BAMAPersonal foul on Trevor Lacey
1:0754-54CINCYTitus Rubles made Leaning Jump Shot
50.056-54BAMATrevor Releford made Driving layup
41.056-56CINCYSean Kilpatrick made Layup, Assist JaQuon Parker
41.0 BAMAShooting foul on Nick Jacobs
41.0 BAMA30-second Timeout
41.056-56CINCYSean Kilpatrick missed Free Throw
41.0 BAMADefensive Rebound by Moussa 41.0
31.0 BAMA30-second Timeout
10.056-56BAMATrevor Releford missed Driving layup, Blocked by Ge'Lawn Guyn
10.0 CINCYDefensive Rebound by Ge'Lawn 10.0
6.0 CINCY30-second Timeout
6.0 BAMA30-second Timeout
1.056-58CINCYCashmere Wright made Fadeaway Jump Shot
0.0End of period.

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