College Basketball Play by Play - Creighton vs. Missouri State

1st Half
20:00 CREIGHJumpball received by Austin Chatman
19:402-0CREIGHGregory Echenique made Alley-oop, Assist Doug McDermott
19:21 MOSTLost ball turnover on Anthony Downing, Stolen by Gregory Echenique
18:512-0CREIGHGrant Gibbs missed Jump Shot
18:51 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Drew Wilson
18:272-0MOSTAnthony Downing missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:25 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
18:182-0CREIGHDoug McDermott missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:002-0MOSTKeith Pickens missed Layup
17:57 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Drew Wilson
17:562-2MOSTDrew Wilson made Tip-in
17:43 MOSTPersonal foul on Drew Wilson
17:312-2CREIGHAustin Chatman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:29 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Drew Wilson
17:21 MOSTLost ball turnover on Nathan Scheer, Stolen by Gregory Echenique
17:102-2CREIGHAustin Chatman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
17:10 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
17:074-2CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup
16:554-2MOSTKeith Pickens missed Jump Shot
16:53 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
16:477-2CREIGHJahenns Manigat made 3-pt. Jump Shot
16:117-4MOSTKeith Pickens made Slam Dunk, Assist Anthony Downing
16:11 CREIGHShooting foul on Gregory Echenique
16:117-5MOSTKeith Pickens made Free Throw
15:55 CREIGHOffensive foul on Grant Gibbs
15:55 CREIGHOffensive Foul turnover on Grant Gibbs
15:55  TV Timeout
15:257-5MOSTGavin Thurman missed Jump Shot
15:25 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Keith Pickens
14:507-5MOSTGavin Thurman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
14:48 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Grant Gibbs
14:387-5CREIGHDoug McDermott missed Layup
14:32 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
14:257-5CREIGHDoug McDermott missed Jump Shot
14:22 MOSTLoose ball foul on Keith Pickens
14:21 MOSTPersonal foul on Nathan Scheer
14:20 CREIGHOffensive foul on Jahenns Manigat
14:20 CREIGHOffensive Foul turnover on Jahenns Manigat
13:487-5MOSTKeith Pickens missed Turnaround Jump Shot
13:44 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Keith Pickens
13:437-7MOSTKeith Pickens made Tip-in
13:107-7CREIGHAustin Chatman missed Jump Shot
13:06 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Nathan Scheer
12:447-9MOSTGavin Thurman made Jump Shot
12:119-9CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup
11:559-9MOSTGavin Thurman missed Jump Shot
11:55 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
11:4612-9CREIGHAvery Dingman made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Grant Gibbs
11:46 MOST30-second Timeout
11:32 MOSTLost ball turnover on Anthony Downing
11:32  TV Timeout
11:2014-9CREIGHAvery Dingman made Slam Dunk, Assist Gregory Echenique
11:17 CREIGHTechnical foul on Avery Dingman
11:1714-10MOSTAnthony Downing made Technical Free Throw
11:1714-11MOSTAnthony Downing made Technical Free Throw
11:00 MOSTOffensive foul on Christian Kirk
11:00 MOSTOffensive Foul turnover on Christian Kirk
10:2614-11CREIGHAustin Chatman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
10:26 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Avery Dingman
10:23 CREIGH35-second shotclock violaton turnover on Avery Dingman
10:0214-13MOSTChristian Kirk made Layup
9:4014-13CREIGHAustin Chatman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:40 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Anthony Downing
9:0714-16MOSTTomie Aromona made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Anthony Downing
8:56 CREIGHBad pass turnover on Doug McDermott
8:2314-16MOSTAnthony Downing missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
8:20 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Keith Pickens
8:0914-18MOSTKeith Pickens made Jump Shot, Assist Tomie Aromona
7:5717-18CREIGHEthan Wragge made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Austin Chatman
7:2917-18MOSTKeith Pickens missed Jump Shot
7:27 MOSTPersonal foul on Drew Wilson
7:27  TV Timeout
7:1117-18CREIGHEthan Wragge missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:11 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Nevin Johnson
7:03 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Grant Gibbs, Stolen by Tomie Aromona
6:4317-18MOSTChristian Kirk missed Hook Shot
6:43 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
6:2817-18CREIGHJahenns Manigat missed Layup
6:28 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Grant Gibbs
6:1319-18CREIGHDoug McDermott made Jump Shot
5:4219-20MOSTAnthony Downing made Floating Jump Shot
5:2421-20CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup
5:0821-22MOSTAnthony Downing made Jump Shot, Assist Gavin Thurman
4:5521-22CREIGHNevin Johnson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:55 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Anthony Downing
4:2221-22MOSTAnthony Downing missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:20 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Grant Gibbs
4:10 MOSTShooting foul on Christian Kirk
4:1022-22CREIGHNevin Johnson made 1st of 2 Free Throws
4:1023-22CREIGHNevin Johnson made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
3:5123-25MOSTGavin Thurman made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Nathan Scheer
3:2126-25CREIGHNevin Johnson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Austin Chatman
2:5526-25MOSTAnthony Downing missed Jump Shot
2:54 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Gregory Echenique
2:4226-25CREIGHGregory Echenique missed Slam Dunk
2:38 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
2:3728-25CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup
2:1328-27MOSTKeith Pickens made Reverse Layup
2:05 CREIGHOffensive foul on Doug McDermott
2:05 CREIGHOffensive Foul turnover on Doug McDermott
2:05  TV Timeout
1:3928-27MOSTKeith Pickens missed Fadeaway Jump Shot
1:36 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Gregory Echenique
1:24 MOSTShooting foul on Keith Pickens
1:2328-27CREIGHDoug McDermott missed 1st of 2 Free Throws
1:2329-27CREIGHDoug McDermott made 2nd of 2 Free Throws
1:0229-27MOSTChristian Kirk missed Layup
57.0 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
50.029-27CREIGHJahenns Manigat missed Driving layup
50.0 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Gavin Thurman
42.029-27MOSTNathan Scheer missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
42.0 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
32.032-27CREIGHJahenns Manigat made 3-pt. Jump Shot
2.032-27MOSTNathan Scheer missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
0.0End of period.
2nd Half
19:3532-27MOSTDorrian Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
19:30 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
19:1532-27CREIGHGrant Gibbs missed Jump Shot
19:15 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Dorrian Williams
18:4632-27MOSTDorrian Williams missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
18:43 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Jahenns Manigat
18:3034-27CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup, Assist Jahenns Manigat
18:1334-27MOSTAnthony Downing missed Jump Shot
18:13 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
17:5936-27CREIGHDoug McDermott made Jump Shot
17:54 MOSTFull Timeout
17:3536-27MOSTKeith Pickens missed Jump Shot
17:32 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
17:2438-27CREIGHDoug McDermott made Jump Shot
17:24 MOSTShooting foul on Nathan Scheer
17:2439-27CREIGHDoug McDermott made Free Throw
17:0739-30MOSTGavin Thurman made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Dorrian Williams
16:3339-30CREIGHGrant Gibbs missed Layup
16:1342-30CREIGHDoug McDermott made 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:49 CREIGHPersonal foul on Grant Gibbs
15:49  TV Timeout
15:3742-30MOSTGavin Thurman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
15:33 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Nathan Scheer
15:1642-30MOSTDorrian Williams missed Layup
15:12 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Keith Pickens
15:1142-32MOSTKeith Pickens made Slam Dunk
14:3844-32CREIGHDoug McDermott made Hook Shot
14:38 MOSTShooting foul on Keith Pickens
14:3845-32CREIGHDoug McDermott made Free Throw
14:19 CREIGHPersonal foul on Avery Dingman
14:19 MOST30-second Timeout
13:57 MOSTOffensive foul on Keith Pickens
13:57 MOSTOffensive Foul turnover on Keith Pickens
13:4147-32CREIGHDoug McDermott made Fadeaway Jump Shot
13:3147-32MOSTNathan Scheer missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:28 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
13:23 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Nevin Johnson, Stolen by Dorrian Williams
13:0647-32MOSTGavin Thurman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
13:04 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Austin Chatman
12:5550-32CREIGHDoug McDermott made 3-pt. Jump Shot
12:4350-32MOSTAnthony Downing missed Floating Jump Shot
12:38 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Tomie Aromona
12:35 CREIGHPersonal foul on Jahenns Manigat
12:3350-34MOSTAnthony Downing made Driving layup
12:20 MOSTPersonal foul on Tomie Aromona
12:15 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Austin Chatman
11:59 CREIGHPersonal foul on Grant Gibbs
11:59  TV Timeout
11:5550-34MOSTAnthony Downing missed Jump Shot
11:55 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Nathan Scheer
11:5350-36MOSTNathan Scheer made Layup
11:33 MOSTShooting foul on Nathan Scheer
11:3351-36CREIGHEthan Wragge made 1st of 3 Free Throws
11:3352-36CREIGHEthan Wragge made 2nd of 3 Free Throws
11:3353-36CREIGHEthan Wragge made 3rd of 3 Free Throws
11:19 MOSTLost ball turnover on Anthony Downing, Stolen by Jahenns Manigat
10:5553-36CREIGHAustin Chatman missed Layup
10:53 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Gavin Thurman
10:49 MOSTLost ball turnover on Anthony Downing, Stolen by Gregory Echenique
10:3755-36CREIGHJahenns Manigat made Layup
10:2855-38MOSTGavin Thurman made Jump Shot
10:0255-38CREIGHAvery Dingman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot, Blocked by Michael Simpson
10:02 CREIGHOffensive Rebound by Gregory Echenique
9:5655-38CREIGHAustin Chatman missed Jump Shot
9:3355-41MOSTNathan Scheer made 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:17 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Gregory Echenique, Stolen by Dorrian Williams
9:0355-41MOSTNathan Scheer missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
9:03 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Austin Chatman
8:4557-41CREIGHDoug McDermott made Layup
8:1657-44MOSTMichael Simpson made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Dorrian Williams
8:03 MOSTPersonal foul on Dorrian Williams
7:3860-44CREIGHDoug McDermott made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Grant Gibbs
7:0860-44MOSTBruce Marshall missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
7:08 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
6:4762-44CREIGHGregory Echenique made Slam Dunk, Assist Nevin Johnson
6:1162-44MOSTBruce Marshall missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
6:07 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Doug McDermott
5:45 MOSTShooting foul on Bruce Marshall
5:45  TV Timeout
5:4563-44CREIGHDoug McDermott made 1st of 3 Free Throws
5:4564-44CREIGHDoug McDermott made 2nd of 3 Free Throws
5:4565-44CREIGHDoug McDermott made 3rd of 3 Free Throws
5:2665-46MOSTAnthony Downing made Jump Shot
4:5367-46CREIGHDoug McDermott made Driving layup
4:3567-46MOSTGavin Thurman missed Jump Shot
4:30 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Ethan Wragge
4:1767-46CREIGHDoug McDermott missed Jump Shot
4:14 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Michael Simpson
4:0167-46MOSTGavin Thurman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
4:01 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Nevin Johnson
3:3770-46CREIGHJahenns Manigat made 3-pt. Jump Shot, Assist Doug McDermott
3:10 MOSTLost ball turnover on Dorrian Williams
3:10  TV Timeout
2:5472-46CREIGHAndre Yates made Layup, Assist Nevin Johnson
2:54 MOSTShooting foul on Tomie Aromona
2:5472-46CREIGHAndre Yates missed Free Throw
2:54 MOSTDefensive Rebound by Gavin Thurman
2:2972-48MOSTAnthony Downing made Layup
2:29 CREIGHShooting foul on Ethan Wragge
2:2972-48MOSTAnthony Downing missed Free Throw
2:29 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Avery Dingman
2:16 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Andre Yates
2:0972-50MOSTMichael Simpson made Jump Shot
1:56 CREIGH30-second Timeout
1:28 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Avery Dingman
1:1472-50MOSTMichael Simpson missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
1:11 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Geoffrey Groselle
1:0274-50CREIGHAndre Yates made Floating Jump Shot
51.074-50MOSTGavin Thurman missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
48.0 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Geoffrey Groselle
31.0 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Geoffrey Groselle, Stolen by Ryan Carmichael
29.0 CREIGHPersonal foul on Geoffrey Groselle
12.074-50MOSTBruce Marshall missed 3-pt. Jump Shot
12.0 CREIGHDefensive Rebound by Will Artino
10.0 CREIGHLost ball turnover on Will Artino
7.074-50MOSTGavin Thurman missed Jump Shot
7.0 MOSTOffensive Rebound by Tomie Aromona
1.074-52MOSTBruce Marshall made Jump Shot
0.0End of period. Shop

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