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Hate Mail: Criticizing Washington is racist now?


Updated Nov. 4

With Game 2 of the World Series on the line, Rangers manager Ron Washington let reliever Derek Holland walk two guys on eight pitches -- then start the third batter with his ninth consecutive ball -- before bothering to get another pitcher warmed up.

I questioned Washington's managing skills.

You said I'm a racist who should die a horrible death.

Sometimes, "Hate Mail" seems too subtle a title for this weekly exercise.

From: Steve Macdonald

Washington said he "thought" Holland would get out of that jam. He never said he "hoped" he could. Hope was YOUR word, smartass. Ninety percent of America can't see what you did to create this non-story, you racist (slur).

When I ripped Urban Meyer like he has never been ripped, was I racist against chin-less folks? Every time I attack Lane Kiffin, am I racist against stupid folks? Not sure I'm following your whole "racist" line of thinking, Steve.

From: Bad Boy

You're a douche. Sure, pick on an old-school brother. Hope you get nut cancer.

I'm a bigot who should suffer until my final breath -- even my best friends would agree with that. Especially after reading how cruel I was to befuddled Ron Washington.

From: R.J.

Leave Washington alone, you bald douche. I hope you get AIDS.

Your wife is convinced I'm clean.

From: Matt W.

I wish I received some Hate Mail just so I could respond with smartass answers. Maybe you can forward some of yours to me, and change "Gregg" to "Matt."

Tell you what. If any of the suits here at CBS decide to get offended by my last comment about that dude's wife, we'll just tell him you wrote it for me!

From: Burton DeWitt

I'm glad you name-dropped CBS president Les Moonves in last week's Hate Mail. I can name-drop too. You know who my fourth cousin is? Les Moonves. See, I can lie about Les Moonves too! Unless he really did hand-deliver your lunch, in which case I recant the entirety of this e-mail.

That was true. And look, Burton, if you really want to impress folks around here, try dropping MY name.

From: Dennis Lokey

You attacked Ron Washington, and you described that as, "You did what you had to do?" Thank God you did what you had to do, Gregg! We want you on that wall, we need you on that wall.

Hahahaha I like you, Dennis. Any reference to A Few Good Men is a great reference. Better, though, had you referenced my mohawk. Imagine me on that wall with a mohawk. I would scare those darned Rooskies!

From: Paul Kauf

Just heard your question to Ron Washington played on 1310 The Ticket here in Dallas. You really appear to be a douchebag. It's one thing asking a pointed question, it's another to sound like you do.

I can't help how I sound. I work out so hard that I'm in a constant state of dehydration. True story. And the dehydration does things to my vocal chords. Real fighters know what I'm talking about. A dainty little wuss like you? You have no idea.

From: Anonymous

Sweet bald head and Affliction shirt, with just the front tucked in.

Oh, you mean this picture? Yeah, I'm a handsome sucker. I'm a little bit bigger now. Slightly leaner too. I love the idea of you scouring the Internet to see what that pencil-neck geek Gregg Doyel looks like, only to see what a stud I am. With a Mohawk. And an Affliction shirt, just the front tucked in. As I guest-speak at a high school, because I'm cool like that.

From: Carl Jung

You still reside nearby Cincinnati? More specifically Butler County? Peace, Carl

Oh, a threat. Subtle. I almost missed it. Since we're talking color here today, color me unimpressed. You want to come find me? Come find me, coward. The only person who thinks you're tough is you -- and you're an idiot.

From: Doc

Washington takes the team to the World Series for the first time in franchise history and all of a sudden he's incompetent? I know you need to write these columns in order to keep your job, but c'mon dude. Have you ever been in that situation on any level? Little League, high school? Probably not.

Not only was I all-state in baseball -- first base in 1987, center field in '88 -- but I had the game-winning hit in the 1987 state title game. Bases-loaded double, fifth inning. Went the other way, to left-center. I still remember the feeling, standing there on second base. Getting goosebumps now. Thank you, Doc. Thank you so much.

From: Ray Parnther Sr.

I just don't understand you people. A Black manager gets to the World Series and all you have to say about him is negative things. I know you would rather have a white manager as the Rangers skipper, but live with what you've got.

How come you capitalized Black, but not white?

From: Paul Dougherty

You're a douche. I'm sure you're a big deal. However, being a big deal means nothing to me.

If you want an autograph, all you have to do is ask. But the answer is no.

From: Pat

When I want to read totally worthless sportswriting, I turn to your garbage. You never disappoint. Your writing is pathetic and your insight is nonexistent. If you think you have a career you are mistaken. One day your boss will realize what a total dropkick you are and you will be lucky to be selling mobile phones.

Mobile phones are one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With all those internet applications, people can follow me on Twitter on their phone! Or they could follow my Twitter stalker. What a world.

From: Sully

Dude, seeing as I earn $35 an hour, you owe me $5.83 for the 10 minutes of my life that I just wasted reading this drivel.

Can I interest you in a cell phone instead? Think of the apps!

From: Mike

I'm gonna pretend you didn't just write an article saying Edgar Renteria is more clutch in the World Series than Derek Jeter.

And I'll pretend you're not a typical know-it-all New York City douchebag.

From: NYC Kevin

You are nuts!! Should be fired for making that statement!

I know, I know. New York has the best everything. The best shortstop. Best third baseman. Best football teams. Best NBA arena. Best sewer-like smell. Best $2,200 one-bedroom apartments. Best crime rate. Hey, NYC, that's not my middle finger. That's me telling you, "You're No. 1."

From: Mike Henningsen

All you friggin' pundits don't know squat about baseball. Nobody is unbeatable. The Giants beat Halladay, Oswalt, Hamels, Lowe and Hudson in the playoffs. And Cliff Lee is unbeatable? I guess the question I have is, how did you get that job?

It was just a prediction, Mike. Which means it was a guess. Once I wrote it, it was up to readers to understand that it wasn't personal, it was just a guess. The smart readers got it. The dumb ones? Well, they did what you did.

From: Sean O'Hara

How did that World Series prediction go for you? Just out of curiosity, do you work freelance or are you actually paid for your analysis?

If you want Nostradamus, dig that sucker up. Wear a mask, though. I'm guessing he stinks.

From: Amir

Looks like you were right on with your prediction. Thank you for your expert predictions, as it means a lot.

I picked the Rangers to win. Which means I picked the Giants and their White white manager to lose. I should die of some horrible disease.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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