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CBSSports.com National Columnist

Hate Mail: Rancor blooms with Rose story


Updated April 21

Pete Rose turned 70 last week, so I wrote about him and the Hall of Fame -- and I was a little bit scared. What if readers don't care about Pete Rose anymore? Maybe a tumbleweed would float along the bottom of the story, where the message board sits.

Turns out, no. Folks still care. The message boards flourished so much, it was like I wrote that story with a green thumb. When in reality, all I did was supply the Rose. You supplied the fertilizer.

It's a gardening analogy, people. You didn't come to Hate Mail because you're sensitive, did you?

From: Robert H.

Pete Rose is barred for life from the Hall of Fame, and should be. But he can still get in. Just not while he's alive. That's his punishment. Banned for life, not banned for eternity.

So let him in, but not until he's dead and unable to experience that feeling? How compassionate. When they bury Rose someday, please fight the urge to tinkle on his grave.

From: Robert Balogh

Firstly, having a player banned from the game but eligible for the game's highest honor makes no sense. And Barry Bonds and Pete Rose are not comparable. Bonds did not knowingly do the ONE thing which he had been told would get him banished.

Sorry, Robert, but you're going to have to speak up. It's impossible to hear you, what with your head so far up Bonds' rectum.

From: Joe Greenhouse

Following your line of reasoning, will you still feel the same if Pete Rose ended up as a serial killer?

You followed my line of reasoning, all right, and I'm so impressed with your persistence. Because to get from what I wrote in my column to what you wrote in your email, you had to follow that column from start to finish, then off the CBSSports.com website, off the Internet, off the computer and down the road to that assisted-living facility in your neighborhood. They're looking for you, Joe. They say you forgot your meds.

From: David J. Tower

Dredging up Pete Rose, forever a chancre on the face of a game I love, bespeaks a certain shallow appreciation for all the decent men who have laced up their spikes in the past. Why not write about Jackie Robinson or Paw Paw Maxwell? Your kick-ass demeanor belies a clear lack of confidence on your own part.

David J. Tower

Grand Rapids MI Community College

If you're the first person from your family to go to college, David, well done. But just between us, bragging about attending college is weak -- and bragging about attending a community college is embarrassing.

From: Kyle R. Fosbenner

Don't write articles on things you know little about! When Pete Rose was saving his bullpen because he had a big bet on the next day's game he was essentially throwing that day's game. At least the steroid guys were trying to win every game. Rose would let his team lose a game he didn't bet on to better his chances in a game he did.

By and large, I find the middle initial to be an unnecessary elitist addendum, like cufflinks. Who would wear cufflinks? Only a douchebag. That said, I understand a guy with a name like Steven A. Smith using a middle initial. He has a common name, wants some separation from the field. I get it. But you? Your name is Kyle Fosbenner. Just a guess, Kyle ... but is your closet full of cufflinks?

From: Michael Bronfenbrenner

Completely disagree on your Pete Rose take. In every clubhouse there is a sign that states, "If you bet on baseball, you will be kicked out for life." If you allow Pete Rose in the Hall, that statement becomes meaningless, and sends the message that betting is permissible. End of story.

Sorry, sir, but which Michael Bronfenbrenner are you? I'll need to see some picture ID, or at least a middle initial.

From: Douglas Cockburn

I propose they build a small building on the grounds in Cooperstown to honor the likes of Shoeless Joe, Pete Rose, Manny Ramirez, Bonds, McGwire, Sosa and Clemens. It wouldn't be attached to the main building, so those honored couldn't possibly construe that they were in the Hall of Fame. Perhaps in back. Barely visible. Baseball's version of the outhouse.

I was going to be all done making fun of people's names, but come on. Really?

From: Tom

Pete Rose is not eligible for the Hall of Fame. He placed himself on the ineligible list.

Well, that clears THAT up. You could have saved me those 1,100 words I carefully wrote by telling me that earlier. Oh, and Tom? That was sarcasm. Plus one more thing: Sorry that whole "Myspace thing" didn't work out -- but thanks for being my first friend, Tom.

From: John Coman

Signs in every clubhouse read, "No gambling." Rose knew what he was doing. He now suffers the punishment. While your comment about Vietnam has some validity, it is a cheap shot that serves no purpose here. Sports are games played by talented people for entertainment. War is hell on earth.

I have no idea how a comment can have "validity" and still be a "cheap shot." It would seem that being one would eliminate all possibility of being the other. Apparently I'm better than I thought. I know I'm better than these people thought.

From: Nate

Ty Cobb and other degenerate individuals have made the Hall based on their performance because their actions were not morally wrong to the majority of the people at the time. The advance of society should not come at the cost of our collective morals. This is the hope and purpose for any civilization. If you separate yourself from the moral implications inherent in the enshrinement process, you imply that you have separated yourself from the morals, Mr. Doyel.

I have no idea what I implied, or what you just wrote. But I swear I could hear the sound of your cufflinks scratching against the keyboard.

From: Sean Quinn

He knew the rules and knew the penalties. The precedent was set with the Black Sox. If he cared so much about the HOF he shouldn't have disrespected the game as he did.

Disrespected the game? You're playing THAT card? You sound like a ballplayer, which in your world is probably the nicest thing anyone could tell you. I'm guessing you play softball, which is fine, but you're the guy who shows up with spikes, sliding pants and a $249 bat stuffed into a leather bat bag.

From: Tigre Bosque

This article on Tiger Woods at the Masters shows that you lack the class to write about such a dignified sport.

Say it. Say I disrespected the game of golf. I bet when you watch PGA tournaments in person, you show up in golf shoes and a collared shirt to show everyone that you belong inside the ropes.

From: Jay

Say what you want about whether Tiger Woods might win the Masters, but it's ridiculous that this article was even posted. As a sports fan, I don't want to hear whether you like someone or not. Your job as a journalist is to give us information, not pick a bias and root against anybody. I lost some respect for CBSSports.com seeing this on here.

Thanks for the job tutorial. Allow me to return the favor and remind you, when you're at work today, to wash your hands after leaving the lavatory. Because, yes, I will be having fries with that.

From: The general public

How about that performance by Tiger Woods?? Sexy huh? Yea. He's back. Write about it huh? How good Tiger really is. He's the best still. You don't lose it like that. No. Not something you love. Ten-under at the Masters? He's back!!!!!!

You do know Tiger didn't win the Masters, right? That he lost by four strokes? If he was any more "back," he'd be Lance Ten Broeck. Which isn't fair to Lance Ten Broeck, because that guy won the 1984 Magnolia State Classic.

From: Chris H.

How could you be so far off on your Tiger story? Don't get me wrong. All these young kids at the top of the leader board is exciting. But Tiger lurking in the background makes golf that much more exciting. You missed the mark -- there are still a TON of fans that cheer Tiger on and can see past his faults.

I admit it. I wasn't going to watch the Masters, because I just don't get into golf on TV. But on Sunday with Tiger Woods making a run, I was watching. Dammit.

From: Bensandovalkt

Hi, visit my soft blog http:fopicelt.blog.com

I'm not clicking your link, Mr. Spam-bot. Plus Mrs. Spam-bot keeps sending me naked pictures of herself.

From: John from Iowa State

Last week I told you of a guy who challenged me to a game of one-on-one basketball over a column I wrote. I replied to him by saying basketball blows, and challenged him to a game of one-on-one football. That shut him up.

This is how it starts, John. One day you're making G-rated comebacks to a reader, and the next you're taunting a piece of spam.

From: Nick Dvorshock

Just wanted to let you know we had our baby girl, Payton. Just the one 'n'. The double consonant at the end wouldn't fly with my wife, as I said before. Why I'm bringing this up again is in case you stop hearing from me in the coming months it's probably because my wife has killed me. I'm telling you now if Payton's first word is "Doyel", I'm a dead man.

P.S. Where's my autographed Affliction shirt?

Congratulations on the girl! If you have a son and name him Eli -- or better yet, name him Place -- you get the shirt. But not until then.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for CBSSports.com. He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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