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Hate Mail: Bringing out the worst in idol-worshipping Penn State fans


Penn State. Sandusky. Paterno. Cover-up.

Paterno fans. Oblivious. Attacking. Idolaters.

Hate Mail.

From: Ray

No, the Joe Paterno statue isn't coming down -- and there's no reason for it to come down. I think we all find the actions by Sandusky reprehensible and a couple school officials may have screwed up, but the media's obsession with Paterno is pretty weird. If most of us could live to be half the person Joe Paterno was, the world will be a better place. Can I say that about you?

No, but you can say this: A pedophile will never, ever freely roam my city with my knowledge.

From: Derrick Gooch

I've read a couple of your stories. Seems that you have an axe to grind against Paterno.

You read good, Derrick. I very much have an ax to grind with Paterno -- and Spanier, Curley, Schultz. And of course with Sandusky above all else. But make no mistake: I have an ax to grind with Paterno, and I'll sharpen that sucker again.

From: K. John

I don't know what planet you and the rest of the media live on, but the emails you referenced are proof positive that Penn State handled the Sandusky situation in a responsible manner. When you view the emails without context, it is easy to mislead people -- but the fact remains that McQueary did not witness or report a crime to Joe Paterno.

No way you graduated high school. No possible way.

From: Robert Gale

"This isn't the column you were going to read." Lame. You're chickens--t. Get help. What garbage will you pen next?

This: "Robert Gale."

From: Derek Hutchinson

I think you are a total jackass and I am a huge PSU fan. But you are also correct on this one. Sad to say.

I know there are lots of Penn State fans out there who think like you do. It's why I refuse to paint the fan base with too broad a brush.

P.S. Jackass? Shaddup!

From: Jeff R.

Nice article on Dwyane Wade. If you get Hate Mail on that, it's time we give up on humanity.

Thank you. But you might not want to read this next one.

From: Gerald Johnson

As a black man, I'm a little troubled by your salivating article commending Dwayne Wade for taking care of his children. Your point of view infers that you're actually surprised that a black man is even interested in spending time with his children, not to mention being seen showing affection toward them. You may believe that voting for Obama means you're not racist, but at the end of the day, I imagine you have lower expectations for black men. That's why you're so surprised that Wade takes care of his children.


From: Danmyte

Seriously dude, how much do the Heat pay you to write columns about how wonderful they are? You are truly pathetic. Queen James is a boring topic but you cannot stop writing about him. The NBA is barely watchable due to the biased officiating, but that doesn't interest you. Just the coronation of Queen James.

Next time I watch the greatest player of my generation win an NBA title, I'll be sure to ignore him. Thanks for the tip.

From: Marcola Duck

"Not sure how much weight I'm supposed to give someone who has me all figured out by the way I look into a camera. No, I am sure how much weight to give you. And there you go, floating into the sky, like a hot-air balloon ..." Doyel, one of my friends told me I hurt your feelings and caused the lame quip above (fourth email). So I decided to explain to you, as simply as possible, how much weight my words should carry: You CHOSE that shot with that self-absorbed look on your face. The one you're using makes you seem like a self-absorbed, knuckle-dragging antagonist.

Do you look at your wife with as much fascination as you look at my picture?

From: Jon L.

After the story on Sandusky, Paterno and the emails, do you still believe the NCAA should not punish Penn State? Joe Paterno stopped the investigation and I believe Penn State needs to be punished for having allowed football to be more important than protecting kids from rape. But, that's just me.

Spare me with your passive-aggressive, "I must be more outraged than you about child rape." Please, stop. I want Spanier, Curley and Schultz to pay the highest price possible for allowing Sandusky to remain free the past decade. But this is not an NCAA issue. Doesn't matter how bad this was -- and you can't find anyone who has written about this with more anger than I have -- but it wasn't an NCAA issue. No amount of outrage changes that.

From: Craig A.

Wow, an insightful and thoughtful article about Sandusky -- but rather than read the point you were trying to make, all the comments on the message board below extol how much readers hate you. You must be a saint to be able to listen to their nonsense.

Not sure about that. A saint is defined as "one who has exceptional holiness," so, well, huh. You know, you might be right.

From: Carter Dixon

Doyel, your story on Sandusky is such a yawner that I couldn't even finish it. It's packed with old speculation and many of your assertions are ...

You screwed up your first sentence, Carter, so let me help: "Doyel, your story on Sandusky was so thought-provoking that I had to find a way to write you an email totaling nearly 500 words, which you are free to edit for brevity." Thank you, Carter. But I didn't need permission to edit you.

From: Janice

Recently I watched a news story on jockey Kristina McManigell's fall after High Fly Amore broke down. What I thought would be a human-interest story quickly became a viewing experience that has left me with the nightmare vision of a horse with a foot broken upward, at a right angle, trying to walk on the stump of its own leg. The image seared in my brain, I hoped to find information that would help me to understand. Your article from 2009 was the only thing I read that made any sense to me. I sincerely hope that horseracing goes the way of cockfights, fox hunts and dwarf tossing.

Not Hate Mail, but lots of people will hate what you wrote. As for people like us, people who feel compassion toward some of the most beautiful creatures on Earth? Hard to find fault with our position.

From: David Xaviel

I realize that you have no reason to do so, but I figured I would humble myself and grovel by asking that you would remove my name from some previous Hate Mail articles; there's three or four. I don't have much interest in this stuff anymore. I decided to be proactive in cleaning up the things my name is associated with on Google.

Sorry man. Won't do that. And anyway, Google doesn't forget. How many times I gotta tell you?!??

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for CBSSports.com. He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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