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Hate Mail: Too many Penn State fans are still living on another planet


I'm sick of deranged Penn State fans. It's not all of you, Penn Staters, so don't get bent out of shape. But there are wackos among you, hero worshippers and idiots, and they're casting a devastating shadow on your fan base.

Worse, they're writing me!

Calling this Hate Mail doesn't even do it justice. It's Infuriating Mail -- because these people think they're right.

From: Darlene Baker

You should be ashamed of yourself. What are the facts when you say that Joe Paterno is a monster, that Joe was pedophile-enabler, or that he covered up wrong doing for the sake of the football program? Who have you turned for being a rapist or a molester? I bet that you have missed several in your lifetime.

What is it about that whole Mike McQueary thing that (some of) you Penn State fans don't understand? McQueary told Paterno he saw Sandusky raping a kid. Read that sentence 100 times, then write it 1,000 times. Maybe then it will sink in what kind of monster you worshipped for 409 298 victories.

From: Josh Levi

Joe Paterno could have left Penn State in the 1970s for a million bucks, but he stayed at Penn State for only $35,000. Know why? He loved Penn State.

If only he'd loved Penn State a little less -- some young boys might have avoided their unspeakable fate, because I'm thinking another coach would have stopped Sandusky by any means necessary.

From: Gerald Apge

I would like a simple description of what Joe Paterno, as someone who had no law enforcement background or position, was supposed to have done -- beyond what he did.

Simple, Gerald. When Paterno heard there was a pedophile in his own building, he was supposed to make the pedophile stop. One way or another, make ... him ... stop.

From: Anthony

Nice Twitter picture -- way to leave your face wide open for counter punch. This guy should've definitely knocked you out! You're embarrassing yourself ...

"This guy" is former UFC fighter Chris Lytle, who was a professional boxer (record: 13-1-1, seven KO's) before that. I sparred with him, and as you can tell in the picture, I was moving forward. He's better than me -- lots of folks are better than me -- but I'm always moving forward. Don't tell this next fool. I'm hoping he writes me back and we can get this thing done.

From: Rick

We get it, you hate Joe Paterno and your hatred is soooo irrational that you spend every article now bashing a man who has done more good in his life than you will ever do in yours. I wish to God you had the (guts) to meet me in a dark alley so I could beat some sense into your retarded ass. As a lawyer I can tell you there has been no evidence to prove that Paterno lied or covered up Sandusky's actions.

As a lawyer? Hahahaha you? A lawyer!?! Love it. And I commend you on your vocabulary -- the insult "retarded" is always a winner -- as well as your courage in wanting to fight me and signing only your first name. I invite you to my boxing gym ... or I'll come to yours. Write me back, hero, with the same email address so I'll know it's you.

From: Jeff

You're such a disrespectful piece of s---. I hope you get fired for the defamation you spew about Joe Paterno, the greatest man ever involved in college football. You are about as evil as they come, and I pray every day you burn for eternity. I'm not the only one contacting CBS for your job, you worthless loser. Go die.

Jeez, Jeff, the last guy was a coward and a clown, but all he wanted was to beat me up. You want me fired, then dead, then spending an eternity in hell?

P.S. And people wonder why millions of us think this fan base has some real nuts. Police yourself, Penn State fans. This is the kind of loser who thinks he speaks for you.

From: Jayson

If it's relevant that Barry Bonds was great before he cheated, then they should leave up the JoePa statue as he was great BEFORE the Sandusky stuff all happened. You moron!

The beauty of going through life with your level of intelligence? You have no idea just how low it is. Here's a hint, Jayson: Your IQ is a two-digit number -- and the first digit is not a 9.

From: Dan Thomas

You endorse Bonds for cheating after bashing Sue Paterno for being loyal?

You read those 1,000 words on Bonds, where my disdain was palpable, and read it as an "endorsement for cheating"? Your first digit might not be an 8.

From: Alan Glassberg

Thanks for your enlightening article, clarifying the present PSU players aren't the bad guys. Hope you get a few more Twitter followers by spitting in the face of a dead guy. Do me a favor -- show me how dedicated you are to protecting young people by proving the money you've donated or by telling me about the time you've donated working with abused kids. Otherwise, you're a hypocrite piece of s---. Can't wait to hear back.

Here's one thing I've done for the betterment of children: Last year I joined with other outraged people to write so often and so powerfully against a pedophile-enabling coach that the school caved in and fired him. The coach died in shame, and then the NCAA sent a message that such behavior by a coach or school will not be tolerated. That's what I did, and you know what? I don't regret a single keystroke.

From: Leonard

To use your logic, Pete Rose should be in the HOF too since you speculate that Bonds was clean early in his career and that makes him eligible. Did Pete Rose gamble early in his career? If not, then he should be in the HOF.

Unless you're damn sure of your intellect, never tell anyone else, "To use your logic ..." Odds are, you're going to embarrass yourself -- and by golly, you did. I made it clear that Rose is on the banned list. Ineligible for the Hall. Doesn't matter when he bet on baseball, just that he did it. To use your logic, two plus two is five. See what I did there?

From: Jim

Bonds in a HOF despite cheating? Hypocrite much? I'll be waiting to read your next article redeeming Joe Pa.

To use your logic, a dog is really a bottle of maple syrup. I mean, were you on acid when you wrote this email, or are you simply that stupid?

From: Donald Blacj

You're f---ing clueless.

Says the guy who misspells his own last name. But you were close! The 'j' is right next to the 'k.'

From: Darin

I just read your piece about Michael Phelps vs. Jesse Owens, and the best Olympian ever. I have to say this was quite possibly the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, and that's saying something. To say Phelps isn't the best because he didn't have to race the Nazis in front of Hitler ... I can't find the right word, other than retarded, to describe that sentiment.

Of course you couldn't find another word. You're like that "lawyer," Rick, who wants to fight me -- both of you have the vocabulary of a third-grader. Hell, maybe you are third-graders. Would explain a lot.

From: K. John

No Doyel, Joe Paterno was not a monster. He was the greatest, most honorable coach the game has ever seen and there is nothing you will ever do to change it. I can't wait to hear your reaction when Joe's statue returns to its rightful place.

Until they melt down the statue and pour it into a septic tank, I'm sort of hoping it gets stored in a landfill. Face down. Since we're talking about "its rightful place."

From: Spacehog

I just read your column on Barry Bonds. The last few months you were obsessed with chastising Penn State under the pretense of following a moral compass, but now you've reverted back to the good ol' amoral Gregg Doyel we all know and hate. One thing is for sure, Gregg, nobody will ever accuse your columns of being helped by performance-enhancing drugs -- because your arguments are often very weak.

Thank goodness for that news.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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