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Scouting Report: Marshall Henderson

The following is a compilation of scouting reports on Ole Miss guard Marshall Henderson, from assistant coaches who have played the Rebels this season. Keep in mind that in scouting for players, coaches are very specific and brutally honest. Henderson is the key to Ole Miss based on the three scouting reports I have seen, as well as the tape I have watched, His energy and fearlessness lifts Ole Miss. In addition to becoming the loved/hated figure discussed in Gary Parrish's profile of Henderson on Tuesday, he's clearly the focal point of teams prepping for the Rebels.

Marshall Henderson, 6'3" guard.

Loves to catch and shoot off down screen and staggered screens. Prefers to turn into jumper off his left shoulder moving right. He has deep deep range, and the complete green light. Anytime you shoot the gap or get disconnected Henderson will "fade" the screen and flare for a catch-and-shoot jumper. Close out full (all the way into his shot), but do not elevate until he does as he isn't afraid to pump fake and take a dribble (mostly right) into a jumper. He can drive, he is strong to his right hand driving will shoot jumpers out of his left in face up situations or in transition, but driving right he is much more aggressive. Ole Miss will run ball screen action at the top of the key away from him, but it is it misdirection into a staggered screen for him to come to the top of the key for a jumper. They will also have him as the baseline runner off a triple screen and look to flash if the big men over help on Henderson. Henderson moves without the ball extremely well, does not seem to tire and you simply can not disconnect. He doesn't shoot a great percentage (around 40%) from the field, but he takes pride in taking and making the biggest jumpers. Henderson is a poor defender and is simply waiting until offense to start to play. He is clever in reading the offense and getting steals or will reach and try and poke out a steal, but he is a bit of a swing gate and they try and hide him at that end.

Rules for defending Henderson

  • Do not disconnect.
  • Chase off every screen and make him curl.
  • Contest every shot, but do not foul, he is a low percentage shooter, but and excellent free throw shooter.
  • Make him put it on the floor and drive left.
  • Go at him when he is on defense.
  • No loose ball jumpers, find him in scramble situations.
  • Don't talk to him, he seems to get off on yapping.

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