PHOTO: Nebraska fan warns Nebraska commit about Nebraska

PHOTO: Nebraska fan warns Nebraska commit about Nebraska

By Tom Fornelli | Staff Writer

If you've ever been to Lincoln and met Nebraska fans, there's something odd about them. They're just as passionate and insane when it comes to their college football team as any other loyal fanbase, but at the same time they're also just so damn nice. To everyone, even rivals.

And in some cases, they might be a bit too honest.

Nebraska wide receivers coach Ron Fisher tweeted this out on Monday. Apparently a Nebraska fan took to the Facebook page of a Nebraska commitment to warn him about Nebraska. Seriously.

If you can't read what it says, here's a transcription of what's seen in the photo from the fingers of one "Husker Tom."

"just a warning that things up here in nebraska are very unsettled around the football team. they have ahd several disappointing seasons with bad losses and newspapers full of complaints about the coaching staff. Changers are inevitable either after signing day or next year. so make sure this is what you want and you don't have other good choices. it ain't exactly one big happy family."

On the one hand, you have to appreciate Husker Tom's honesty with the recruit, or at least what he perceives to be the honest truth.

On the other hand, what the hell are you doing, Husker Tom!? Unless this is a fan of a rival school posing as a Nebraska fan -- would you lie to us, Husker Tom? -- it seems there may be just as much dysfunction amongst the Nebraska fan base as Husker Tom thinks there is on the coaching staff.

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