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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty

South Carolina

5-2 Overall| 0-0 SEC (5th East)
C. Shaw7/2116111
D. Thompson1/1500
M. Davis21137145
C. Shaw1978129
D. Thompson1606
D. Byrd4121176
R. Anderson125025
M. Davis216011
N. Jones1404
K. Quarles1.000
E. Fry0/103/33
T. Hull836.2145
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
P. Cooper319.7022
P. Cooper24.008


4-3 Overall| 0-0 SEC (6th East)
J. Worley19/3417910
R. Neal0/1000
R. Neal2477116
M. Lane1255015
J. Worley318013
A. Howard1-300
M. North3102048
A. Howard833112
J. Croom123023
B. Downs320017
J. Johnson1606
D. Young1404
R. Neal2-900
C. Sutton0.010
M. Walls3.000
D. McCullers1.000
D. O'Brien1.000
M. Palardy3/4372/211
M. Palardy840.4664
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
D. Young112.0012
J. Carter28.0016
1st Quarter
FG @ 9:14Michael Palardy makes a 37 yard kick.
Drive: 6 plays, 19 yards in 02:44.
2nd Quarter
TD @ 14:50Damiere Byrd catches a 76 yard pass from Connor Shaw (Elliott Fry kick is good).
Drive: 3 plays, 96 yards in 01:00.
TD @ 10:12Alton Howard catches a 6 yard pass from Justin Worley (Michael Palardy kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 82 yards in 04:33.
TD @ 6:11Rajion Neal runs for 5 yards (Michael Palardy kick is good).
Drive: 7 plays, 61 yards in 2:02.
3rd Quarter
TD @ 9:46Mike Davis runs for 21 yards (Elliott Fry kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 66 yards in 03:11.
TD @ 2:50Connor Shaw runs for 1 yard (Elliott Fry kick is good).
Drive: 6 plays, 71 yards in 03:07.
4th Quarter
FG @ 10:11Michael Palardy makes a 33 yard kick.
Drive: 8 plays, 52 yards in 03:43.
FG @ 0:00Michael Palardy makes a 19 yard kick.
Drive: 8 plays, 63 yards in 2:21.
4Q 0:01
(0:01) Michael Palardy made a field goal of 19 yards.
4Q 2:45
2-11-SC 16(0:27) Marlin Lane rushed for 14 yards.
1-10-SC 15(0:52) Marlin Lane lost 1 yard.
2-5-SC 21(1:27) Marlin Lane rushed for 6 yards.
1-10-SC 26(2:10) Marlin Lane rushed for 5 yards.
3-10-TENN 35(2:32) Justin Worley passed to MarQuez North for 39 yards.
2-10-TENN 35(2:39) Justin Worley passed incomplete to Jason Croom.
1-10-TENN 35(2:45) Justin Worley passed incomplete.
4Q 3:09
4-2-SC 26(2:48) Tyler Hull punted for 39 yards. Jacob Carter made a faircatch.
3-8-SC 20(2:55) Dylan Thompson rushed for 6 yards.
2-8-SC 20(3:05) Mike Davis rushed for no gain.
1-10-SC 18(3:09) Mike Davis rushed for 2 yards.
4Q 4:26
4-4-SC 49(3:16) Michael Palardy punted for 31 yards. Pharoh Cooper made a faircatch.
3-4-SC 49(3:24) Justin Worley passed incomplete to MarQuez North.
2-3-SC 48(4:01) Marlin Lane lost 1 yard.
1-10-TENN 45(4:26) Justin Worley passed to Alton Howard for 7 yards.
4Q 5:40
4-7-SC 15(4:33) Tyler Hull punted for 40 yards. Jacob Carter returned a punt for no gain.
3-12-SC 10(5:15) Dylan Thompson passed to Mike Davis for 5 yards.
2-10-SC 12(5:35) Connor Shaw lost 2 yards. Marlon Walls sacked Connor Shaw.
1-10-SC 12(5:40) Connor Shaw passed incomplete to Mike Davis.
4Q 7:36
3-26-TENN 49(5:44) Michael Palardy punted for 39 yards.
3-20-SC 45(6:32) Justin Worley lost 6 yards.
2-20-SC 45(6:37) Justin Worley passed incomplete.
2-5-SC 30(6:53) TENN was penalized 15 yards.
1-10-SC 35(7:36) Rajion Neal rushed for 5 yards.