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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty


4-3 Overall| 0-0 PAC12 (2nd North)
K. Price16/3921720
C. Miles0/1000
B. Sankey132219
C. Miles21009
J. Ross1303
D. Washington1-400
K. Smith1-1000
K. Price7-26019
K. Smith270170
J. Mickens539014
B. Sankey126026
K. Williams42609
J. Perkins123023
A. Seferian-Jenkins120120
J. Ross1707
D. Campbell1606
C. Littleton1.000
H. Kikaha1.000
C. Cree1.000
M. Peters0.010
T. Coons1/1273/36
T. Coons1146.8161
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
J. Ross527.0049
K. Smith115.0015
T. Tutogi114.0014
K. Williams2-0.500

Arizona State
Sun Devils

5-2 Overall| 1-0 PAC12 (1st South)
T. Kelly26/4227121
M. Grice21158229
T. Kelly1384236
D. Lewis73909
D. Foster525017
R. Robinson2905
M. Bercovici1505
F. Gammage1000
C. Smith1-400
K. Ozier888027
C. Coyle578135
D. Foster456026
M. Grice437115
J. Strong3704
D. Nelson1505
F. Gammage1000
C. Bradford1.000
W. Sutton2.000
A. Jones1.000
G. Conway1.000
D. Coleman1.000
Z. Gonzalez4/4365/617
A. Garoutte438.5147
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
M. Grice324.3026
R. Nelson79.3017
R. Smith10.000
1st Quarter
TD @ 10:29Bishop Sankey runs for 1 yard (Travis Coons kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 55 yards in 03:23.
FG @ 3:07Zane Gonzalez makes a 26 yard kick.
Drive: 12 plays, 76 yards in 4:22.
2nd Quarter
TD @ 13:20Marion Grice catches a 15 yard pass from Taylor Kelly (Zane Gonzalez kick Failed).
Drive: 5 plays, 52 yards in 01:41.
FG @ 7:12Zane Gonzalez makes a 22 yard kick.
Drive: 10 plays, 56 yards in 3:46.
FG @ 4:58Zane Gonzalez makes a 36 yard kick.
Drive: 3 plays, 10 yards in 00:53.
TD @ 2:08Taylor Kelly runs for 1 yard (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 7 plays, 35 yards in 01:59.
TD @ 0:14Chris Coyle catches a 14 yard pass from Taylor Kelly (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 4 plays, 60 yards in 01:01.
3rd Quarter
TD @ 13:58Kevin Smith catches a 70 yard pass from Keith Price (Travis Coons kick is good).
Drive: 3 plays, 64 yards in 01:02.
TD @ 10:11Taylor Kelly runs for 1 yard (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 62 yards in 03:47.
FG @ 6:12Travis Coons makes a 27 yard kick.
Drive: 12 plays, 42 yards in 3:54.
FG @ 2:19Zane Gonzalez makes a 21 yard kick.
Drive: 10 plays, 62 yards in 03:53.
4th Quarter
TD @ 14:56Marion Grice runs for 1 yard (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 5 plays, 28 yards in 01:45.
TD @ 13:03Austin Seferian-Jenkins catches a 20 yard pass from Keith Price (Travis Coons kick is good).
Drive: 3 plays, 46 yards in 00:36.
TD @ 4:09Marion Grice runs for 14 yards (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 10 plays, 73 yards in 06:38.
4Q 2:48
3-1-ARIZST 39(1:08) Mike Bercovici rushed for 5 yards.
2-6-ARIZST 34(2:01) R.J. Robinson rushed for 5 yards.
1-10-ARIZST 30(2:48) Deantre Lewis rushed for 4 yards.
4Q 4:09
4-13-WASH 22(3:01) Travis Coons punted for 48 yards. Richard Smith returned a punt for no gain.
3-14-WASH 21(3:14) Cyler Miles rushed for 1 yard.
2-10-WASH 25(3:57) Dwayne Washington lost 4 yards.
1-10-WASH 25(4:09) Cyler Miles passed incomplete to Jaydon Mickens.
4Q 10:47
1-1-ARIZST 35(4:09) Alex Garoutte kicked the ball for 65 yards. Touchback
1-1-ARIZST 35(4:09) Zane Gonzalez made the extra point.
1-10-WASH 14(4:09) Touchdown. Marion Grice rushed for 14 yards.
2-6-WASH 25(4:51) Marion Grice rushed for 11 yards.
1-10-WASH 29(5:25) Deantre Lewis rushed for 4 yards.
3-2-WASH 32(6:10) Deantre Lewis rushed for 3 yards.
2-2-WASH 32(7:01) Frederick Gammage rushed for no gain.
1-10-WASH 40(7:44) Deantre Lewis rushed for 8 yards.
2-3-ARIZST 48(8:57) Taylor Kelly rushed for 12 yards.
1-10-ARIZST 41(9:57) Deantre Lewis rushed for 7 yards.
2-5-ARIZST 32(10:01) Marion Grice rushed for 9 yards.
1-10-ARIZST 27(10:47) Taylor Kelly rushed for 5 yards.
4Q 11:21
4-14-WASH 23(10:47) Travis Coons punted for 49 yards. Robert Nelson returned a punt for no gain.
3-22-WASH 15(11:01) Cyler Miles rushed for 8 yards.
2-20-WASH 17(11:21) Bishop Sankey lost 2 yards.
1-10-WASH 27(11:21) Kevin Smith passed incomplete. WASH was penalized 10 yards.
4Q 12:11
4-1-ARIZST 33(11:47) Alex Garoutte punted for 40 yards.
3-5-ARIZST 30(12:11) Taylor Kelly passed to Marion Grice for 4 yards.