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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty


7-1 Overall| 0-0 ACC (4th Atlantic)
T. Bridgewater25/2934430
W. Gardner1/1900
D. Brown18125036
S. Perry1335010
B. Radcliff1707
W. Gardner2-900
T. Bridgewater5-2507
G. Christian383169
D. Copeland563120
D. Brown661115
S. Perry132032
E. Rogers43109
J. Quick131031
D. Parker116016
M. Harris114014
B. Radcliff1909
L. Atkins1505
R. Clark1505
R. Hubbell1303
R. Philon1.000
N. Dawson1.000
M. Smith2.000
C. Gaines0.010
J. Wallace2/2194/410
R. Johnson344.0051
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
C. Gaines120.0020

South Florida

2-5 Overall| 0-0 AAC (7th)
S. Bench4/126801
B. Eveld3/52200
M. White1/2500
D. Tice741024
W. Davis81404
B. Eveld4-701
S. Bench1-1000
M. McFarland125025
D. Welch118018
W. Davis116016
S. Price110010
R. Gonzalez1909
A. Davis1707
S. Bravo-Brown1505
D. Hopkins1505
D. Lattimore2.000
R. Giddins1.000
H. Louis1.000
R. Cliett1.000
M. Kloss1/1500/03
M. Ciabatti647.2257
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
C. Dunkley133.0033
D. Hopkins117.0017
F. Montgomery326.0032
C. Dunkley1-1.000
1st Quarter
TD @ 10:33Damian Copeland catches a 20 yard pass from Teddy Bridgewater (John Wallace kick is good).
Drive: 9 plays, 80 yards in 04:23.
FG @ 2:47Marvin Kloss makes a 50 yard kick.
Drive: 3 plays, 18 yards in 01:08.
2nd Quarter
FG @ 11:33John Wallace makes a 19 yard kick.
Drive: 11 plays, 78 yards in 06:14.
TD @ 7:16Gerald Christian catches a 69 yard pass from Teddy Bridgewater (John Wallace kick is good).
Drive: 4 plays, 80 yards in 02:18.
3rd Quarter
FG @ 4:55John Wallace makes a 19 yard kick.
Drive: 13 plays, 72 yards in 08:14.
4th Quarter
TD @ 10:53Dominique Brown catches a 5 yard pass from Teddy Bridgewater (John Wallace kick is good).
Drive: 14 plays, 66 yards in 07:44.
TD @ 7:50Charles Gaines makes a 70 yard interception return (John Wallace kick is good).
4Q 0:59
2-6-SFLA 5(0:26) Willie Davis rushed for 1 yard.
1-10-SFLA 1(0:59) Darius Tice rushed for 4 yards.
4Q 5:58
4-14-SFLA 43(1:04) Ryan Johnson punted for 43 yards.
3-24-LVILLE 47(1:04) Will Gardner passed to Brandon Radcliff for 9 yards.
3-19-SFLA 48(1:36) LVILLE was penalized 5 yards.
3-9-SFLA 38(2:04) LVILLE was penalized 10 yards.
2-3-SFLA 32(2:43) Will Gardner lost 6 yards. Hans Louis sacked Will Gardner.
1-10-SFLA 39(3:26) Brandon Radcliff rushed for 7 yards.
1-10-LVILLE 25(4:00) Dominique Brown rushed for 36 yards.
3-16-LVILLE 9(4:45) Dominique Brown rushed for 17 yards.
2-13-LVILLE 12(5:15) Will Gardner lost 3 yards. Ryne Giddins sacked Will Gardner.
1-10-LVILLE 15(5:58) Senorise Perry lost 3 yards.
4Q 7:15
4-6-SFLA 37(6:13) Mattias Ciabatti punted for 48 yards. Eli Rogers made a faircatch.
3-10-SFLA 33(15:00) Mike White passed to Stephen Bravo-Brown for 5 yards.
2-10-SFLA 33(15:00) Steven Bench passed incomplete.
1-10-SFLA 33(7:15) Willie Davis rushed for no gain.
4Q 7:50
1-1-LVILLE 35(7:44) John Wallace kicked the ball for 65 yards. Chris Dunkley returned the kick for 33 yards.
1-1-LVILLE 35(7:50) John Wallace made the extra point.
4Q 9:15
3-20-LVILLE 44(7:50) Steven Bench was intercepted. Touchdown. Charles Gaines returned the interception for 70 yards.
2-20-LVILLE 44(8:10) Steven Bench passed incomplete.
1-10-LVILLE 34(8:32) Steven Bench lost 10 yards. Roy Philon sacked Steven Bench.
3-10-50(8:32) Steven Bench passed to Willie Davis for 16 yards.
2-10-50(8:56) Steven Bench passed incomplete to Ruben Gonzalez.
1-10-50(9:01) Steven Bench passed incomplete.
2-5-SFLA 41(9:15) Steven Bench passed to Ruben Gonzalez for 9 yards.