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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty


8-1 Overall| 0-0 ACC (4th Atlantic)
T. Bridgewater21/3728811
D. Brown929014
S. Perry112716
T. Bridgewater721020
D. Copeland2603
D. Copeland683028
D. Parker571128
G. Christian243035
M. Harris131031
S. Perry215011
R. Clark114014
R. Hubbell112012
D. Brown21006
J. Quick1909
M. Smith2.500
P. Brown0.500
T. Floyd0.020
L. Mauldin1.000
B. Dubose0.500
C. Gaines0.010
J. Reve0.500
J. Wallace1/1354/47
R. Johnson638.8346
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
R. Clark113.0013
S. Perry136.0036
C. Gaines135.000
M. Harris112.0012
E. Rogers26.5013


0-8 Overall| 0-0 AAC (2nd)
T. Boyle14/2911303
C. Cochran6/96610
M. DeLorenzo133807
L. McCombs123007
M. Hyppolite110010
D. Foxx1505
T. Boyle6-2506
G. Davis676036
K. Abrams228114
S. Phillips219015
S. McQuillan216012
B. Lemelle31106
J. Green1909
M. DeLorenzo29012
N. Thomas1606
D. Bradley1505
A. Adams0.010
J. Joseph1.000
C. Christen1/1351/14
C. Wagner643.5153
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
L. McCombs521.8033
L. McCombs3-1.000
1st Quarter
TD @ 6:23Charles Gaines makes a 7 yard blocked punt return (John Wallace kick is good).
2nd Quarter
FG @ 14:54Chad Christen makes a 35 yard kick.
Drive: 13 plays, 52 yards in 06:29.
TD @ 10:12DeVante Parker catches a 28 yard pass from Teddy Bridgewater (John Wallace kick is good).
Drive: 7 plays, 59 yards in 04:42.
TD @ 2:18Senorise Perry runs for 5 yards (John Wallace kick is good).
Drive: 6 plays, 56 yards in 03:30.
3rd Quarter
TD @ 0:18Terell Floyd makes a 17 yard interception return (John Wallace kick is good).
4th Quarter
FG @ 8:45John Wallace makes a 35 yard kick.
Drive: 9 plays, 32 yards in 05:05.
TD @ 0:35Kamal Abrams catches a 14 yard pass from Casey Cochran (Chad Christen kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 63 yards in 03:44.
4Q 0:27
1-10-LVILLE 26(0:27) Will Gardner lost 2 yards.
4Q 4:10
1-1-UCONN 35(0:35) Chad Christen kicked the ball for 52 yards. Robert Clark returned the kick for 13 yards.
1-1-UCONN 35(0:35) Chad Christen made the extra point.
3-1-LVILLE 14(0:35) Touchdown. Casey Cochran passed to Kamal Abrams for 14 yards.
2-10-LVILLE 23(1:16) Casey Cochran passed to John Green for 9 yards.
1-10-LVILLE 23(1:20) Casey Cochran passed incomplete to Kamal Abrams.
3-4-LVILLE 37(1:41) Casey Cochran passed to Kamal Abrams for 14 yards.
2-4-LVILLE 36(1:46) Casey Cochran passed incomplete to John Green.
1-10-LVILLE 42(2:15) Casey Cochran passed to Dhameer Bradley for 6 yards.
2-12-UCONN 46(2:41) Casey Cochran passed to Sean McQuillan for 12 yards.
1-10-UCONN 48(3:11) Max DeLorenzo lost 2 yards.
3-11-UCONN 36(3:30) Casey Cochran passed to Max DeLorenzo for 12 yards.
2-10-UCONN 37(4:06) Max DeLorenzo lost 1 yard.
1-10-UCONN 37(4:10) Casey Cochran passed incomplete to Max DeLorenzo.
4Q 5:12
4-13-LVILLE 17(4:19) Ryan Johnson punted for 46 yards. Taylor Mack made a faircatch.
3-13-LVILLE 17(4:23) Teddy Bridgewater passed incomplete to Senorise Perry.
3-8-LVILLE 22(4:23) LVILLE was penalized 5 yards.
2-8-LVILLE 22(4:33) Teddy Bridgewater passed incomplete to Ryan Hubbell.
1-10-LVILLE 20(5:12) Senorise Perry rushed for 2 yards.
4Q 7:30
3-8-LVILLE 15(5:20) Tim Boyle was intercepted. Terell Floyd returned the interception for no gain. Touchback
4-13-LVILLE 20(5:24) LVILLE was penalized 5 yards.
3-20-LVILLE 27(5:46) Tim Boyle passed to Noel Thomas for 7 yards.
1-10-LVILLE 17(6:30) Marcus Smith sacked Tim Boyle. Tim Boyle lost 10 yards.
4-5-LVILLE 32(7:00) Tim Boyle passed to Shakim Phillips for 15 yards.
3-6-LVILLE 33(7:30) Tim Boyle passed to Brian Lemelle for 1 yard.