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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty

Arizona State
Sun Devils

7-2 Overall| 1-0 PAC12 (1st South)
T. Kelly19/3114410
M. Grice20136038
D. Lewis326026
T. Kelly14-9213
D. Foster544016
R. Smith436114
C. Coyle235022
M. Grice420010
J. Strong3804
C. Smith1101
R. Nelson0.010
W. Sutton0.010
C. Young1.000
G. Conway1.000
D. Coleman2.000
S. Fiso1.000
Z. Gonzalez0/002/22
A. Garoutte1037.4352
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
M. Grice231.5044
D. Lewis225.5029
D. Rogers13.000
A. Darby21.000
R. Nelson14.004


4-5 Overall| 0-0 PAC12 (5th South)
T. Wilson6/2112122
T. Wilson1744021
B. Poole1743014
K. York1239013
D. Anderson4100155
S. Fitzgerald221112
J. Whittingham1.000
J. Hale2.000
L. Heimuli1.000
T. Reilly2.000
T. Palepoi1.000
A. Phillips2/2511/17
T. Hackett950.2370
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
D. Anderson222.0024
G. Norwood310.0030
1st Quarter
TD @ 11:35Taylor Kelly runs for 10 yards (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 10 plays, 56 yards in 03:25.
TD @ 2:04Dres Anderson catches an 8 yard pass from Travis Wilson (Trevor Reilly runs for a 2 Pt. Conversion - failed).
Drive: 16 plays, -3 yards in 07:04.
2nd Quarter
FG @ 9:15Andy Phillips makes a 51 yard kick.
Drive: 7 plays, 15 yards in 03:51.
3rd Quarter
FG @ 11:19Andy Phillips makes a 43 yard kick.
Drive: 7 plays, 49 yards in 03:41.
TD @ 5:19Sean Fitzgerald catches a 12 yard pass from Travis Wilson (Andy Phillips kick is good).
Drive: 3 plays, 67 yards in 01:30.
4th Quarter
TD @ 13:12Taylor Kelly runs for 2 yards (Zane Gonzalez kick is good).
Drive: 6 plays, 55 yards in 01:48.
TD @ 2:37Richard Smith catches a 14 yard pass from Taylor Kelly (Taylor Kelly runs for a 2 Pt. Conversion - failed).
Drive: 7 plays, 16 yards in 02:09.
4Q 1:01
2-12-UTAH 25(0:30) Taylor Kelly lost 2 yards.
1-10-UTAH 23(1:01) Taylor Kelly lost 2 yards.
4Q 1:20
2-10-UTAH 29(1:08) Travis Wilson was intercepted. Will Sutton returned the interception for 2 yards.
1-10-UTAH 29(1:12) Travis Wilson passed incomplete to Sean Fitzgerald.
2-1-UTAH 20(1:16) ARIZST was penalized 9 yards.
1-10-UTAH 11(1:20) Travis Wilson passed to Sean Fitzgerald for 9 yards.
4Q 2:26
4-2-UTAH 35(1:30) Alex Garoutte punted for 24 yards.
3-3-UTAH 36(2:16) Marion Grice rushed for 1 yard.
2-10-UTAH 43(2:22) Marion Grice rushed for 7 yards.
1-10-UTAH 43(2:26) Marion Grice rushed for no gain.
4Q 2:32
1-10-UTAH 23(2:32) Travis Wilson was intercepted. Robert Nelson returned the interception for no gain.
4Q 4:31
1-1-ARIZST 35(2:37) Alex Garoutte kicked the ball for 62 yards. Dres Anderson returned the kick for 20 yards.
1-1-ARIZST 35(2:37) Taylor Kelly lost 7 yards.
2-10-UTAH 14(2:37) Touchdown. Taylor Kelly passed to Richard Smith for 14 yards.
1-10-UTAH 14(3:20) Taylor Kelly passed to Richard Smith for no gain.
1-10-UTAH 27(3:43) Taylor Kelly rushed for 13 yards.
1-10-ARIZST 35(4:07) Marion Grice rushed for 38 yards.
2-10-ARIZST 19(4:27) Taylor Kelly passed to D.J. Foster for 16 yards.
1-10-ARIZST 19(4:31) Taylor Kelly passed incomplete to D.J. Foster.
4Q 6:07
4-6-UTAH 27(4:46) Tom Hackett punted for 52 yards. Alden Darby returned a punt for a 2 yard loss.
3-6-UTAH 27(4:52) Travis Wilson passed incomplete to Dres Anderson.
2-6-UTAH 27(5:29) Bubba Poole rushed for no gain.
1-10-UTAH 23(6:07) Travis Wilson rushed for 4 yards.
4Q 6:23
4-7-ARIZST 39(6:16) Alex Garoutte punted for 38 yards. Geoffrey Norwood returned a punt for no gain.
3-7-ARIZST 39(6:23) Taylor Kelly passed incomplete to Chris Coyle.