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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty

Brigham Young

6-3 Overall| 0-0 IA (2nd)
T. Hill19/4120721
J. Williams1476023
T. Hill1753013
P. Lasike429013
A. Brown1303
A. Hine3203
C. Hoffman7113234
K. Friel322012
S. Ridley115015
J. Williams214013
I. Pritchard21107
M. Mathews110010
R. Apo1808
T. Houk1707
D. Mahina1707
A. Fua1.000
K. Van Noy0.010
J. Sorensen1/1312/25
S. Arellano841.8473
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
A. Hine520.6030
S. Ridley19.009


7-2 Overall| 0-0 BIG10 (7th West)
J. Stave23/3219611
J. White23147225
M. Gordon1986023
J. Stave3-403
J. Abbrederis867019
J. Pedersen649024
J. White647127
K. Doe21806
J. Fredrick115015
C. Borland2.000
E. Armstrong1.000
B. Kelly1.000
T. McEvoy0.010
J. Russell2/2383/39
D. Meyer634.0245
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
K. Doe223.5028
K. Doe214.0026
1st Quarter
TD @ 10:20James White runs for 4 yards (Jack Russell kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 76 yards in 04:40.
FG @ 2:40Justin Sorensen makes a 31 yard kick.
Drive: 12 plays, 62 yards in 03:50.
2nd Quarter
FG @ 3:34Jack Russell makes a 38 yard kick.
Drive: 10 plays, 63 yards in 06:28.
TD @ 0:14James White catches a 5 yard pass from Joel Stave (Jack Russell kick is good).
Drive: 11 plays, 65 yards in 02:15.
3rd Quarter
FG @ 10:36Jack Russell makes a 26 yard kick.
Drive: 6 plays, 15 yards in 04:18.
TD @ 9:04Cody Hoffman catches a 34 yard pass from Taysom Hill (Justin Sorensen kick is good).
Drive: 6 plays, 57 yards in 01:32.
4th Quarter
TD @ 13:51James White runs for 14 yards (Jack Russell kick is good).
Drive: 10 plays, 92 yards in 05:09.
TD @ 3:12Cody Hoffman catches a 5 yard pass from Taysom Hill (Justin Sorensen kick is good).
Drive: 9 plays, 58 yards in 03:05.
4Q 2:05
3-7-WISC 25(15:00) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
2-7-WISC 25(0:12) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
1-10-WISC 28(0:38) Algernon Brown rushed for 3 yards.
2-10-WISC 41(0:38) Taysom Hill rushed for 13 yards.
1-10-WISC 41(0:38) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
1-10-BYU 46(1:26) Taysom Hill passed to Jamaal Williams for 13 yards.
3-1-BYU 35(1:26) Taysom Hill rushed for 11 yards.
2-10-BYU 26(1:26) Paul Lasike rushed for 9 yards.
1-10-BYU 26(1:26) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
3-6-BYU 18(2:05) Taysom Hill rushed for 8 yards.
2-10-BYU 14(2:05) Taysom Hill passed to Cody Hoffman for 4 yards.
1-10-BYU 14(2:05) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
4Q 2:30
4-9-BYU 39(2:18) Drew Meyer punted for 25 yards. Skyler Ridley made a faircatch.
3-8-BYU 38(2:18) James White lost 1 yard.
2-7-BYU 37(2:22) James White lost 1 yard.
1-10-BYU 40(2:30) James White rushed for 3 yards.
4Q 5:00
1-1-BYU 35(3:12) Justin Sorensen kicked the ball for 11 yards. Jacob Pedersen returned the kick for no gain.
1-1-BYU 35(3:12) Justin Sorensen made the extra point.
1-1-BYU 35(3:12) Touchdown. Taysom Hill passed to Cody Hoffman for 5 yards.
1-1-BYU 35(3:20) Adam Hine lost 3 yards.
1-1-BYU 35(3:47) Taysom Hill passed to Iona Pritchard for 5 yards.
1-1-BYU 35(4:15) Taysom Hill passed incomplete.
1-10-WISC 21(4:15) Taysom Hill passed to Skyler Ridley for 14 yards.
2-5-WISC 29(4:46) Taysom Hill rushed for 8 yards.
1-10-WISC 34(5:00) Jamaal Williams rushed for 5 yards.