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  • Drive Key:
  • Pass
  • Run
  • Penalty

Fresno State

9-0 Overall| 0-0 MWC (6th West)
D. Carr33/4636040
B. Burrell1/1600
J. Quezada16105117
M. Waller951114
D. Carr420014
T. Thomas420014
M. Carr21408
M. Micenheimer2805
D. Cash2704
B. Burrell1515
I. Burse2406
J. Harper9159056
D. Adams1179115
I. Burse561121
M. Jensen329218
J. Quezada42808
J. Johnson21006
E. Ederaine1.000
D. Smith0.010
C. McGuire0/106/76
D. Carr134.0134
G. Swanson247.0160
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
D. Root116.0016


4-5 Overall| 1-0 MWC (2nd Mountain)
B. Smith18/3214111
N. Leddige1/1-100
T. Easton690079
S. Wick164709
B. Smith71209
B. Miller2704
D. Rufran555018
R. Herron532013
B. Miller125025
T. Gentry215012
S. Wick31119
J. Claiborne1606
M. Huff1-100
T. Easton1-300
L. Wacha1.000
S. Williams1/1271/14
E. Wood644.3058
Kickoff ReturnsNOAVGTDLG
B. Miller118.0018
S. Wick117.0017
1st Quarter
TD @ 9:00Shaun Wick catches a 1 yard pass from Brett Smith (Stuart Williams kick is good).
Drive: 6 plays, 94 yards in 01:46.
2nd Quarter
FG @ 12:53Stuart Williams makes a 27 yard kick.
Drive: 8 plays, 39 yards in 03:13.
TD @ 10:36Marcel Jensen catches a 9 yard pass from Derek Carr (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 8 plays, 65 yards in 02:17.
TD @ 5:39Isaiah Burse catches a 19 yard pass from Derek Carr (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 9 plays, 74 yards in 03:46.
3rd Quarter
TD @ 9:53Marteze Waller runs for 3 yards (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 13 plays, 96 yards in 05:07.
TD @ 5:05Marcel Jensen catches a 2 yard pass from Derek Carr (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 9 plays, 42 yards in 02:31.
4th Quarter
TD @ 14:05Josh Quezada runs for 2 yards (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 8 plays, 85 yards in 02:36.
TD @ 9:45Davante Adams catches a 9 yard pass from Derek Carr (Colin McGuire kick is good).
Drive: 7 plays, 42 yards in 03:27.
TD @ 8:13Brian Burrell runs for 5 yards (Colin McGuire kick Failed).
Drive: 4 plays, 19 yards in 01:26.
4Q 5:11
2-12-WYO 17(0:22) Darryl Cash rushed for 2 yards.
1-10-WYO 15(1:15) T.J. Thomas lost 2 yards.
3-4-WYO 23(1:54) Myles Carr rushed for 8 yards.
2-8-WYO 27(2:30) Darryl Cash rushed for 4 yards.
1-10-WYO 29(3:22) T.J. Thomas rushed for 2 yards.
2-4-WYO 35(4:03) T.J. Thomas rushed for 6 yards.
1-10-WYO 41(4:47) Myles Carr rushed for 6 yards.
1-10-FRESNO 45(5:11) T.J. Thomas rushed for 14 yards.
4Q 8:45
4-13-WYO 32(5:19) Ethan Wood punted for 23 yards.
3-10-WYO 35(5:55) Brett Smith passed to Tedder Easton for a loss of 3 yards.
2-10-WYO 35(6:08) Brett Smith passed incomplete.
1-10-WYO 35(6:14) Brett Smith passed incomplete to Nico Brown.
4-1-WYO 34(6:36) Shaun Wick rushed for 1 yard.
3-1-WYO 34(7:14) Tedder Easton rushed for no gain.
2-4-WYO 31(7:40) Brett Smith rushed for 3 yards.
1-10-WYO 25(7:50) Brett Smith passed to Jalen Claiborne for 6 yards.
1-10-WYO 25(8:13) Garrett Swanson kicked the ball for 65 yards. Touchback
1-10-WYO 25(8:13) Colin McGuire missed the extra point.
1-10-WYO 25(8:13) Touchdown. Brian Burrell rushed for 5 yards.
1-10-WYO 25(8:45) Malique Micenheimer rushed for 3 yards.
4Q 9:45
2-5-WYO 14(9:00) Brian Burrell passed to Justin Johnson for 6 yards.
1-10-WYO 19(9:39) Malique Micenheimer rushed for 5 yards.
1-10-FRESNO 35(9:39) Garrett Swanson kicked the ball for 65 yards. Brandon Miller returned the kick for 18 yards. Dalen Jones recovered a fumble from Brandon Miller and returned it for -1 yards.
1-10-FRESNO 35(9:45) Colin McGuire made the extra point.
2-4-WYO 9(9:45) Touchdown. Derek Carr passed to Davante Adams for 9 yards.