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Hate Mail: Three days in Arkansas


Updated Aug. 26

To recap last week in Arkansas:

Saturday: Radio reporter wears a Florida hat to Bobby Petrino's press conference. Petrino objects rationally.

Sunday: Arkansas fans object irrationally -- e-mailing and calling her boss, demanding she be fired.

Monday: Radio reporter is fired.

On Tuesday, I rested ripped Arkansas fans for going overboard. Since then, Arkansas fans have insisted that her dismissal had nothing to do with the hat. And nothing to do with them.

That's the back story as we enter another fun week of Hate Mail!

From: Brad

Before you write another ignorant, misleading and complete BS article, do a little research. Hell, it took me all of four minutes on Google to find out the real reason ol' Gator Girl was fired.

You found the "real" reason? There's a timeline here: Saturday, the hat. Sunday, the complaints. Monday, the firing. Not sure what you found. Say ... did you also help O.J. Simpson find the "real" killers?

From: Wes McK

If you were a real journalist you would get your facts straight and realize that the reporter was fired for a string of violations of policy. She was not fired for wearing a hat.

Saturday, hat. Sunday, complaints. Monday, fired.

From: Jacob

Gregg, shut up. The fans had nothing to do with this.

Saturday. Sunday. Monday.

From: BJ Northingon

Wow. You really just called a whole fan base "idiots." Arkansas fans had nothing to do with her being fired.

Pour some Kool-Aid for your friends. I'm not drinking that crap here.

From: HogFan

People don't act like this, Gregg. People don't call people backward for doing something against something else that may upset them. I'm now writing to your boss demanding that you be fired.

Let me know how that goes. If your e-mail to my boss is as clear as your second sentence to me, you'll probably get me a raise.

From: David Cosgrove

As a part-time writer who solicits Hate Mail, you obviously just go around whacking hornet nests. This is a sad look into your deep need for attention.

Part time? Did HogFan's e-mail to my boss get it done? Have I been demoted?!?

From: Cleat Hance

Typical small-time writer, trying to write a story with half the facts.

You'd be small-time, too, if you were only writing part-time.

From: Jordan A.

It's been a while since you looked people up. I miss that. I know you're busy with Twitter and radio shows, but an occasional lookup would be nice. Me not included

Just for you. Not because I enjoy doing this ...

From: Shane

I was looking at your picture and I couldn't stop laughing. You look like a leprechaun with cancer.

You went to Bald Knob High School? (Looked you up.) I'm sure you were never made fun of for THAT.

From: John

I'm a former journalist, with a decade of radio and TV and two Hearsts on his shelf. You sir are a tool, and everything that is dying with today's reporting. Your articles consistently lack the whole story, and your Arkansas piece proves you don't care if your crap is even close to on target, as long as people react.

With all those credentials, you're a "former" journalist? Sounds like you got fired. Let me guess: Plagiarism? Sexually harassed the security guard? No, no, I know: You wore the wrong hat to work! In your state, anything's possible.

From: Mark

Before you bash the University of Arkansas and Arkansas fans, know the facts. You attended the University of Mississippi? Did you graduate?

Factually speaking, no. I did not attend Ole Miss. Weirdly enough, though, I do have a diploma from there. Got it in the mail one day, out of the blue. It was written in Magic Marker.

From: Dan

What does it say about me as a person that I think more highly of you now after reading your Mariotti rants on Twitter?

It says you're tiny, and you're twisted. Which means you're just like me!

From: Eric Buss

Yeah, just another Arkansas fan here. Pretty ticked by the way you portray us as backwards backwoods rednecks out for blood. Unless your IQ is over 125, which I seriously doubt, you're an idiot compared to me -- so get your stuff straight before you talk down to people.

Eric, listen. Only a stupid person thinks a 125 IQ is worth bragging about. It's not bad, don't get me wrong. But if this were poker, you just bet the house on two pair. And I'm holding a straight flush, son.

From: Matthew Long

I feel you have just run with the national stereotype we are all hicks, idiots and rednecks in Arkansas. People like you are the reason America is in the shape we are in you intolerant, hate-filled person.

Every week, someone accuses me of being the downfall of America. Your turn this week, I see. Who you guys gonna get to do it next week?

From: Lewis Block

Your Arkansas article reflect lazy writing and no grasp of the facts. Why not throw in that very few people in Arkansas wear shoes?

Three e-mails ago, Eric Buss used the phrase "backwoods rednecks out for blood." Two e-mails ago, Matthew Long wrote "hicks, idiots and rednecks." And now you, Lewis, write about the lack of shoes in Arkansas. I think you people have low self-esteem. That's what I think.

From: Zach Jostad

I'm a UA graduate living in Fayetteville, and while I wasn't one of those to look up the reporter's information and pry into her personal life, please don't refer to Arkansas fans as idiots or backwards ever again.

Then you must be really mad at those last few e-mailers -- especially the one who says you people don't wear shoes. You do wear shoes, right?

From: Zach Jostad, again

Oh, but keep that negative press coming. It means you're paying attention to us.

What kind of idiot enjoys THIS kind of attention? I'm thinking the answer to my prior question -- about the shoes -- is "no."

From: Victoria

I think your column is a sad reminder of young writers today. If the station fired her over a hat, then she can sue. You are the one acting like a 10-year-old with a mother who never taught you the correct manners -- and I'm glad I don't have a daughter for you to date.

Damn right you're glad. Because you know with my looks and charisma, it'd be all over.

From: Michael Robinson

Please have your name moved from the section entitled Expert Columnists. You may be an expert at something, but it certainly is not sports. As an example, your column about Dustin Johnson is a farce. It was the most absurd thing I've ever read.

Sounds like you missed my Arkansas story.

From: Matt

Can you tell the difference between a designed sand hole -- and one created by thousands of feet? Especially when there are no nice neat edges, and footprints abound?

No, as a matter of fact, I cannot. But if I'm playing for a major golf title, and the winner's check of $1.35 million, I can promise you I'd ask someone who WOULD know.

From: Nate

Balding, and you're not even 40. Ain't that a bitch. Just the fact you've referenced being an all-state soccer player (1986) -- wow, and in the USA no less -- just goes to show what little you have accomplished in your life.

Did I mention I was also all-state in baseball (1987, '88)?

From: Larry

If you think Dustin Johnson's bunker situation is that straightforward, I think you've never been in the heat of competition.

Um. Read the last e-mail. And my answer. And it might help if you were humming this song as you read it.

From: Rusty Creighton

I read your article on Roger Clemens and even agree with it for the most part. To end it with, "Go to hell," however, seems just a bit harsh.

Oh really? Well I tell you what. You can go to, um, well. Anyway. I'll take your comments into consideration, my good man.

From: James Blihar

A friend and I came to the same conclusion in conversation last week about what would be Clemens' smartest move, and how he won't make it. In college I had to study the trials of Oscar Wilde, and Clemens keeps reminding me of Wilde. The Marquis of Queensberry told Wilde to end a relationship with his son and accused him of posing as a homosexual. Wilde sued for slander. Slander trial brought out overwhelming evidence against Wilde, who was ruined by having to pay Queensberry's court costs -- and arrested for homosexual acts illegal at the time. He ends up serving a few years in prison. Obviously, different times and different circumstances, but eerily similar in how one's own arrogance and lack of sense leads to a downfall.

I'm, um. Yeah. Wow.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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