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Hate Mail: Did somebody say something about LeBron?


Updated June 8

DALLAS -- Never seen anything like it, and I've seen hate for years. My email in-box is always a toxic dump of crap (no offense), yet this week was unlike any I've ever seen. Overwhelming.

I wrote about LeBron James -- after I asked him a question at the press conference; here's the story and video in one handy link -- and people went nuts. Newspapers, websites, blogs. They went nuts. Radio stations? Nuts.

My email? Certifiable. Never seen anything like it. Got so many emails, I broke the damn Internet. Remember when you lost your connection a few days ago? Sorry. My fault.

But it makes for some good Hate Mail. Well, it makes for some Hate Mail, anyway.

From: Frank Foster

I'm not a bit surprised you ripped LeBron. I was actually wondering, "What will he write about to garner attention to his lackluster columns?" Lo and behold ... you're a trending topic on Twitter and most sports blogs. Also, could you dress better? I can't take you seriously with the way you dress.

This ain't church, you know. Nor is it 18 holes at the country club. I'm writing about sweaty, half-naked athletes. Plus I look good in a T-shirt. See that body in the video? Barry Bonds cheated to get a body like that.

From: John

You've got to be kidding me. Asking about "shrinkage." Are you really that blind, or just stupid?

Well, see, in the Eastern Conference finals against the Bulls, LeBron carried his team in the fourth quarter. Now in the NBA Finals, the biggest stage of his career, he's not. Don't look now, but that's the textbook definition of "shrinkage."

From: Jack

Maybe if you laid off the booze, your short-term memory wouldn't be so bad -- and you'd recall the domination he portrayed against the Bulls and the Celtics.

You're making my point. Domination against Bulls and Celtics. Submissive to Dwyane Wade against the Mavericks. Shrinkage.

From: Dan

Your columns have shrunk to irrelevancy. I guess you didn't watch LeBron close out almost every game against the Bulls and Celtics.

No, I saw those games. Against the Bulls and Celtics, he was bulging like a pair of Speedos. Against the Mavericks ... shrinkage.

From: Gregg Loves Boys

Nice tough-guy photo, Heat Hater. Must work well in the gay clubs.

After that "bulging Speedo" thing, I was starting to wonder if my imagery was getting out of hand. Guess so.

From: Joe Sartor

I think you and your gay lover should come out publicly. Is there a civil union being planned?

Interesting that Heat fans are equating "insult" with homosexual references.

From: Mark

You're a fag.

I think you're projecting.

From: Deepak

You are still the worst sports analyst out there. Your coverage is biased and your language is poorly crafted. The icing on the cake though is your profile photo. It illustrates the depth of narcissism in your character.

I'm a narcissist for staring into the camera? I wasn't looking in a mirror, for God's sake. I was just ... looking. I think you have a crush on me.

From: Michael

Your knowledge of basketball is laughable. How is it that you are employed again? Maybe you should cover fishing?

I don't know how to fish. Can't even bait a hook, and please don't offer to show me. I got better things to do than hold dead bugs.

From: Marc Landals

Maybe my 11-year-old could help you learn a little more about what it means to play the game, not just write about it. National columnist? Expert? On what subject are you an expert?


From: Heat For Two

Why do you hate LeBron?

Because I live in Ohio, and he doesn't.

From: Jay

Why do you hate Ohio State?

Because I live in Ohio, and it -- oh, wait ...

From: Greg Wallace

Jim Tressel lied and got fired. That's fine. It's part of the deal. The press response to this is ludicrous, though, completely blown out of proportion. You get all twisted up about something trivial like whether a football coach gets fired.

You're right. This is nothing compared to whoever starts at fullback for the Buckeyes. Where are my priorities?

From: Chris Mahaffey

I wish this were some small third-world country where talking trash like you talk would get you stoned. The Vest is a good man, and because 25-50 kids in his 30-plus years of coaching made mistakes -- do the math; that's probably less than 1 percent -- Tressel is a bad guy?

No, he's a bad guy because he knew about a violation and hid it. He won the Big Ten title with star players he knew shouldn't be eligible. This stuff isn't that hard, Chris.

From: Steve

Your vitriol toward Jim Tressel and that of OSU is so over-the-top it is almost comical. You would have thought Jim Tressel covered up a prostitution ring or a cocaine operation.

You accuse me of hyperbole even as you write hyperbole. Irony.

From: Leo Lauterbach

Hey Charlie Brown. Good Grief. Angry at Ohio State again. Maybe if someone dies or goes to jail you might be a happy person. Baldy.

Aww, you came back. I swear, Leo, you are the cutest little thing. Everyone, please read Leo from last week (sixth email). Priceless, I'm telling you. Adorable.

From: Jay

I'm extremely disappointed you didn't mention your high school athletic exploits (1987, '88) in your latest incarnation of Hate Mail.

Your check's in the mail No idea what you're talking about (1986).


I've never believed in kicking someone when they are down, which is what you did to Ohio State.

I kicked LeBron when he was riding high. See where that got me?

From: Casey

Could you please just title all your columns, "I hate Ohio State." I would have more respect for you.

Not sure there's room, since we're planning to title all my columns, "I hate LeBron."

From: Herbie V.

Regret writing that LeBron column yet? You gotta admit you were reaching, right?

No. And no.

From: Mike Z.

Being on the Mike & Mike promo loop where you get drilled by LeBron: Good pub or your worst nightmare?

Both, I guess. Not crazy about it, but there is value to it. Would rather it not be happening though.

From: Nick Cremona

Were you pissed at the photographer who took your bio picture? Crack a smile, you douche -- many would kill to be where you are.

Really? Let's trade for a day. This past Monday would have been a good one.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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