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Hate Mail: Ignorance isn't bliss ... it's ignorant


Most weeks, I relish the idea of digging through Hate Mail. It'll smell like a wastewater treatment plant (no offense), but it'll be fun nonetheless. Most weeks.

Not this week. This week I wrote about DeSean Jackson's homophobic slurs, making the obvious comparison to racist and sexist slurs -- and pointed out that someday society as a whole will regard gay slurs in the same appalled way. That was my opinion, and I wrote it.

Then you wrote yours.

I was scared of what I'd find, and you didn't let me down. Here -- you read Hate Mail. I'm going to wash out my eyes with bleach.

From: HenryJim95

You, sir, are a first rate f-ggot.

And you're on an intellectual par with DeSean Jackson. Congrats.

From: Barry Gomes

Maybe sodomy is your bag, but for the majority it isn't. I have to watch a TV show I love and then wham! Out of the blue, some guy is kissing another guy in my home. I am so angry at major media for forcing something on me that I just do not believe in. I do not condone that lifestyle and nobody will ever change my mind. I can tolerate but never accept as a natural way of living the so called gay lifestyle.

If by "tolerate" you mean "avoid the urge to strafe gay bars with gunfire" ... congratulations, Barry. You tolerate very well.

From: Will B.

Sorry, I disagree. You say gay slurs will have the same social stigma as sexist and racist comments. People cannot choose their race or sex, but they CAN choose their sexual orientation, so right there the argument is unfounded and part of the liberal message to change this country. This ultra-PC world is exactly what the liberal media wants, where they can use personal attacks against people and then accuse anyone who doesn't agree with Obama as a racist.

Will, you're one sentence away from exposing yourself as obviously as some old dude in a raincoat. Have a nice life. Try not to mingle it with mine.

From: Beluco

I am very sure that if somebody records every word that you say in a day, whether knowingly or not, you will say something that will offend somebody.

True, but if I found out I said something offensive -- or worse, bigoted -- I'd stop saying it. This stuff just isn't that hard.

From: Scott

Please don't be a part of the Political Correctness that has destroyed our society since the 1950s. No longer can anyone express an opinion without being labeled a racist, sexist or homophobe. The main problem is that the liberal media, along with government bodies, try to force people to agree with certain factions or behaviors for which they may not agree or condone. The outlandishly liberal, deviated interpretations of the Constitution by federal judges has digressed the morals of the country.

You sound like a racist, sexist homophobe who wishes we lived in the 1950s -- when "their people" weren't allowed in the same restaurant with "your people."

From: Andre

With all due respect, never -- and I do mean NEVER -- compare what homosexuals go through to what blacks and other races went through during segregation. You can hide your sexuality, but you can't hide your race.

I never mentioned segregation, just cruel words. And with all due respect, your last sentence is chilling.

From: B.C.

Your Hate Mail articles are the reason is saved in my favorites. I may be a sick bastard, but that s--- never gets old. Sometimes you're a f---ing d--k to people.

I object to a word you wrote. And that word is "sometimes."

From: Bryan

The United States v. Roger Clemens is a waste of everyone's time? Why does it NOT surprise me that this is your opinion?

Probably because I wrote it powerfully, convincingly and with just enough charisma to bring you back tomorrow.

From: J.P. Auger

Clemens has no integrity, he lied to all baseball fans and he lied to Congress. He belongs in jail just like other criminals and he sure as hell does not belong in the Hall of Fame.

Look at you, J.P. So smug, so convinced you're right, so dismissive of the other side to this argument. You sound a lot like me, minus the charisma to bring me back tomorrow.

From: T.C. Hanks

Absolutely -- another big waste of time.

By "big waste of time" you meant the lawsuit against Clemens -- and not another one of my columns. Right?

From: Ed in Arlington

So, you want to talk about a big waste of time? Reading your drivel is a waste of any sentient human being's time. It's pretty simple. Roger Clemens lied to Congress under oath. If he's not prosecuted for that, many people will get the impression that you can lie to Congress and get away with it. Dolt.

No getting around your meaning of the phrase "big waste of time."

From: Nick Parillo

Perjury trials are prosecuted regularly in the U.S. for two reasons: to punish those who lie/defraud the legal system, and to protect the integrity of the legal system. While this is probably one of the most high-profile cases, it is receiving no special treatment save for the fact that you choose to cover it. If the lesson offends you so greatly, then do what you do with every other perjury case and just ignore it.

How about I just ignore you and your fifth-grade civics lesson.

From: Clayton

Is Charles from last week's Hate Mail calling me the idiot or you the idiot? Either way, he needs to shut up and get us both coffees.

I prefer mine from McDonald's, one Splenda and two creams. Sitting next to a McGriddle.

From: Robert C. Garbig, Canada

Disappointed in your column on Jose Bautista. We only share the trials and tribulations of one team in this country, and you seem intent on tearing them down.

You read my column on Bautista and thought I was tearing him down? Wow, Robert. Next time you strike out so spectacularly on reading comprehension, you might want to keep that to yourself.

From: Chet Tadrzynski

Nobody goes from being a .250 hitter with average power to hitting 65-70 home runs over 162 games without drug use. Thousands of hitters have changed their swing over the last 80 years and couldn't find bat speed and power all of a sudden. It's beyond possible.

Your name is an anagram for "darkest chintzy." Which is sort of cool, since that sums up your bleak, cheap outlook on this whole deal.

From: Steve

To use your Gene Smith/bad parent analogy, if I were sitting at another table at a restaurant and saw you ... I'd throw food at you, too. I'm not a Jim Tressel sycophant, but I refuse to refer to him in the almost pedophile-like tone that you do. Yes, college football can be magical compared to the NFL, but it's not without its hypocrisy -- like that which is spewed from your keyboard.

Well done, Steve. Forevermore, a person will be able to Google the phrases "Jim Tressel" and "pedophile" and come up with a hit. And your name. Bravo.

From: Frank Petsick

Keep pulling your spineless, sissy readers' chains. They don't realize you stand for values they don't have.

Humility being high on that list.

From: Loilars

You're the worst kind of writer -- the kind who writes only to incite morons like me to read your drivel and write you angry emails. Obviously you are OK with that, and some of your articles are downright hilarious -- not being sarcastic -- but you do a disservice to real sportswriters by writing the way you do. I mean, hell, you managed to create an enemy in Adam Dunn, when by most accounts he is one of the nicest guys in baseball.

What you don't realize is that I stand for values you don't have.

From: Greg

By now I'm sure you're aware that ESPN's Rick Reilly apologized to you -- in public. See the LeBron subtitle.

Had no idea until you told me. Huh. How about that? When I was in college, Reilly was my idol. All these years later he does his mailbag, and I do mine. Mine's better.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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