Ten-Point Stance: Manning mentoring Luck will never work out

by | CBSSports.com Senior NFL Columnist

The only person who believes that Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck can coexist on the same team is extremely confident Indianapolis general manager Bill Polian. Since Polian believes he invented football, that's not surprising.

But around the NFL, as it continues to look like the Colts will draft Luck and have him serve an apprenticeship under Manning, almost no one outside of the Colts organization thinks such a partnership can truly work. When I asked personnel people and some coaches, they laughed at the prospect. They think it would be an utter disaster. They're right.

People inside football aren't the only ones who think a Manning-Luck combo would go about as smoothly as a Kim Kardashian marriage. No, someone close to Manning doesn't think it would work, either.

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And that person would be Manning's dad.

"I don't think it'd necessarily be great for either one," Archie told Fox Sports Radio this week, according to Profootballtalk.com.  "I think Andrew's the type of mature player ... he can walk right in. I mean, these other three or four guys that are playing this year [if] they can walk in and contribute, Andrew can, too. ... We know Andrew well. He comes down to our camp every year. I used to play with his dad. I'm in New York, I heard from him last night. Peyton's also tried to help Andrew and kind of be a friend. I doubt if either one wants to play on the same team."

The reason why it wouldn't work is because of Peyton. Peyton has a public persona as a funny pitch man and good guy but privately he is a cutthroat, uncompromising son of a gun. And I mean all that in a good way. All great players are the same.

Behind the smiles and endorsements is a coldhearted dude who wants to win and doesn't have time to babysit a rookie.

There's no way in hell Manning wants to mentor Luck. Archie knows it would be a problem and what he said in the radio interview was a sort of preemptive strike. It was Archie's way of almost warning the Colts not to draft Luck. Remember, this is the same family that had Eli force his way out of San Diego and into New York.

The Manning family does not mess around. They do ... not ... play.

There was one league official who said a Manning/Luck partnership would go as smoothly as Favre/Rodgers did. Rodgers wasted away for years on the bench all the time receiving the cold shoulder from Favre. To this day, Rodgers remains angry about how Favre treated him.

As Archie explained, Luck could likely step in almost anywhere next year and start. Meanwhile Manning might have five years left in football. Luck would rot and Manning would stew. Just like Favre and Rodgers.

Yes, Archie was right. It won't work.

That doesn't mean Polian won't try it.

2. There is growing thought around the league that Tim Tebow will make the Pro Bowl. There is an even stronger feeling that he has more than earned a spot.

3. Ndamukong Suh won't face any charges over the discrepancies in his version of what happened during a car accident and the version told by his passengers. He dodged something big-time there. But two things:

First, there are likely to be civil suits against Suh. You can count on that, and if he doesn't settle quickly -- or settle at all -- the deposition phase of those suits could get nasty and become public.

Second, I'm told the Lions have yet to have a serious, come-to-Jesus meeting with Suh. I find this difficult to believe, but that's what I was told.

If you're the Lions, Suh's behavior has to be more than troubling. There's something pathological about a guy who does what he did on Thanksgiving and then just a short time later is alleged by witnesses to be driving a little, ahem, speedily and get in a stupid car wreck like he's Tiger Woods.

If it's indeed accurate the Lions haven't had that serious discussion with Suh, it had better come soon.

4. Green Bay fans are completely in love with Aaron Rodgers right now. That's understandable. Women want him, men want to be him, and he has the football world by the footballs. But I want you to remember something and never forget it. It's about the fickleness of fans ...

When Rodgers took the practice field for the first time after Favre retired, he was booed.

His car was also keyed post-Favre. Someone defaced his driveway with comments written in chalk. He was harassed while at a gas station.

Now, some of those same buffoons are probably cheering Rodgers.

5a. Champ of the week: I saw Mike Tolbert deliver a hit on special teams during San Diego's game against Jacksonville that won't soon be forgotten. Tolbert isn't just physical. It takes huge guts to throw your body around like that.

5b. Chump of the week: Suh. Can't control his temper, drives like he's at Daytona. Allegedly.

5c. Tweet of the week: Bill Cosby -- yes, that Cosby -- on Tim Tebow – "I told you about Tim Tebow. Now you better jump on the bandwagon because this is a great team to root for."

6. As if some Jaguars fans aren't already overly sensitive regarding media chatter of how the team might still move, during the pregame of Monday Night Football that took place in Jacksonville, ESPN showed aerial shots of the city of Charlotte, saying it was Jacksonville. Suffice to say that didn't go over well in Jacksonville.

7. The next time a player holds out, and fans do their usual complaining about greedy athletes, blah, blah, blah, please remember this name: Matt Forte.

Forte didn't hold out. He reported, he played, and then he injured his knee, potentially costing him millions of dollars. He did the dutiful thing. He did the team thing, but it wasn't necessarily the smart thing.

Forte should have held out like Chris Johnson. Johnson got his cash. Now, when it's time for Forte to get his money the Bears or some other team might attempt to use his injury against him. That's the way this cruel sport works.

8. And, Terrell Owens has yet to be signed ...

9. St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo is in serious trouble and that's a shame. He's a good coach who never had a chance with the Rams.

10. One last Favre note (how many times has that been written?): Despite his denial that he's not interested in playing football again, I'm told Favre was definitely interested in playing for the Bears but the Bears sent signals privately to Favre ... thanks but no thanks.


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