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Hate Mail: Condemn Tim Tebow and ye shall be condemned


Last week I did Hate Mail. This week? No Hate Mail. It's a rule, or it's supposed to be -- we run Hate Mail every other Thursday. A little of this goes a long way.

But last week after I did Hate Mail, I did something even more heroic: I urged Tim Tebow to reject Pastor Robert Jeffress.

For six days, fans of Tebow -- and Jeffress -- have been ripping me.

On the seventh day I did Hate Mail.

From: Rodney

Judge not Gregg ...

I'm Gregg not Judge ...

From: Mike

I'm not necessarily a Tebow fan, but let's wait to see what he says at Jeffress' church before we throw stones. Fair enough?

Sure, Mike. Let's see what Tebow has to say.

From: Betsy Rich

Tim Tebow should have spoken at FBC of Dallas, but because you are a homosexual who is going to Hell, this young man isn't coming after all.

Oh. Right.

From: Myron

Do you think you are responsible for Tim Tebow pulling out as speaker at First Baptist Dallas?


From: Eddie

The article on Tim Tebow set a new standard for journalistic arrogance. Who could possibly care what Gregg Doyel has to say about another man's faith?


From: Chris Toenies

Is there any way to hide all your columns on I love the website, but your face is always on the main page and I don't enjoy seeing your opinionated headlines. I've stopped reading your stories altogether, except Hate Mail. That column I enjoy because people make great points.

Your name is an anagram for "his erections." Tell me again why you read Hate Mail?

From: Azim

Not sure why people write to you, just to get abused.

I thought I went easy on that last guy! I didn't mention his name is also an anagram for "I retch noises."

From: Kim Loncar

I don't know you. I don't know Tim Tebow. But I know Pastor Jeffress. And from your hit piece on him I know that you're out of your league in theology. So please stick to what you're good at.

Stick to what I'm good at? That story you read kicked up so much outrage that Tebow changed his mind about visiting Jeffress' church. Ma'am, if I was any better at this, I'd have my own Wikipedia page.

From: John

You owe Pastor Jeffress an apology.

Which John is this?

From: Mark

I pray that you read the book of John.

Which Mark is this?

From: Luke

It would be interesting to note what religion you are.

And now Luke? If the next email is from Matthew, I'm calling it a day.

From: wluvzcrpsb

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Whew -- a note from the book of Spam-Bot.

From: John Voss

I think you owe Dr. Jeffress an apology.

Well, I am kind of sorry he and Tebow didn't run this whole speaking engagement past me before making it public. Gregg Almighty could have saved everyone a lot of trouble.

From: Bill

Shame on you for your article on Robert Jeffress. You're the one that is intolerant.

Damn right I'm intolerant. Show me a hatemongering demagogue, and I'm the most intolerant SOB you ever saw.

From: Ben Clevinger

Quit trying to be hard and tough because you need an image. Let it go bro. Homo's suck.

Douchiest email I've ever received. One embarrassing sentence led to another, led to another -- unless you're a parody Hate Mailer, in which I say: Well done, Ben Clevinger.

From: mike

It's unfortunate for you, Mr. Doyel, that you haven't come to know the truth about homosexuality nor the love and grace of an almighty God through the person of Jesus Christ. Your creator as well as mine has made it very clear that homosexuality is an abomination in Leviticus 18:22 and again in the New Testament in the first chapter of Romans. Oh, and let's not forget about Sodom and Gomorrah.

Oh, let's.

From: Joe Farrell

You have no idea what Tim Tebow's speech was going to be. You may think your stand makes you noble somehow, but in reality you are what's wrong with America.

The Dow recently got back up over 14,000. I'm not so bad.

From: Amanda

I'm sick of people picking on us because they know we will sit quietly and not say anything.

That's why I'm writing Hate Mail a week early, Amanda. Because all of you sat quietly and didn't say anything.

From: Loren Boley

Let me try to understand this: Tim Tebow speaking at a church: bad. Cal coach Mike Montgomery physically assaulting player: good. I am so glad I have you around so I can know what is right and wrong.

You're welcome, Loren. Glad to be here.

From: Jackson

It is unconscionable that in this land where Freedom of Speech is guaranteed, that someone would be ostracized for saying a behavior is wrong.

"Freedom of speech" means Jeffress can say his crap without fear of going to jail. It doesn't mean he can say his crap without fear of being told it's crap.

From: Daisy Duke

You are the biggest intolerant bigot I have ever seen. Homosexuality is an abomination to God -- that will NEVER change.

Read your first sentence. Then read your second sentence. Get my point? Nah, of course you don't.

From: Michael A.

I love the new picture -- you actually look like a nice guy. The guy in your last photo looked liked he wanted to kick someone's ass.

I am. And he did.

From: Andrew Garrett

I just read your article from 2010 about BYU's honor code. You wrote several misleading statements ...

Not now, Andrew. I'm dealing with the Tebow fallout. One religion at a time, please.

From: Neave B.

Sounds like the Muslim reader who appeared in your last hate mail got under your skin. I think you got so paranoid about that Muslim potentially retaliating against you in a fit of rage that you decided you'd prove to him you don't like Christians -- so you attacked Tim Tebow. You know in your heart that offended Christians won't do anything violent against you. But you're not so confident about what offended Muslims might do. You fear the wrath of Muslims.

Just so you know, I picture you in a white sheet.

From: Matt Doyle

All liberals want equal rights, but black players consistently get lower test scores. Correct? I know you won't answer that question. It comes with the consistent hypocrisy from liberals like you. A liberal judge changed the NYC fireman test because black and Spanish candidates didn't get high enough grades to get on the squad. Now then, about your Tebow article ...

About your white sheet ...

From: Matt Adler

Can you also include Muhammad Ali in your next column for his much closer, long-lasting ties to The Nation of Islam and their hateful rhetoric? Also look up Reverend Wright, Obama's former pastor.

I hope Sears is having a white sale. We're gonna need some linens around here.

From: Dr. David R. Reagan

Your intolerant, hateful and grossly exaggerated article about Robert Jeffress was pathetic. Jesus Himself taught that faith in Him was the only way to Heaven. His proclamation rules out Jews, Mormons, Muslims, atheists and many others, including yourself.

Look, everyone, Dave's a doctor! Are you this Dr. David R. Reagan, the one telling people "we have arrived" at the "end times?" You're that dude shrieking THE END IS NEAR, and you're also sending me straight to hell based on one story I wrote -- but I'm the intolerant, hateful, gross exaggerator? I'm not hurting your cause, doctor. You are.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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