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Hate Mail: Championing tolerance brings the crazies out of the closet


The Tebow thing will run its course, I promise. But Tebow supporters keep stumbling onto my story from a few weeks back, and they keep writing me nonsense. And this being Hate Mail, well, you see my dilemma.

How can I ignore those idiots? They make Hate Mail so great!


From: Curt Gustafson

I read your article about Tebow. You are a perfect example of intolerance and hate. That's probably why I had never heard of you before.

That could be it. Or it could be that you're not very smart or well read. One or the other, I guess.

From: Jill Loggins

In our current political and social culture, "free speech" is apparently defined as "what does not offend the liberal, politically correct media." Who should decide what is morally acceptable? You? I challenge you to read Job 38.

OK, but if a goat gets sacrificed I'm gonna be ticked off.

From: Al Stevens

After I read how you blasted Pastor Jeffress and equated him somewhat with Westboro Baptist I thought, "What has Mr. Jeffress done to you?" I am thinking either you are gay or have close gay friends?

I don't like Jeffress, no. Why? Because he courts people like you.

From: Matt Drzewiecki

As a biblical Christian, I want to bring some clarity to the discussion of Jeffress. First, some of the things Jeffress says, the things you nail him for, are completely biblical. The bible teaches that Jesus is the only way to heaven. If you believe in Him, you get life. If you don't, you get the wrath of God. Christianity teaches that Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, etc., are ALL going to hell UNLESS they turn to Christ.

For a second, Matt, please think about something. There are 1.2 billion people in India. Most of them will live -- and die -- without ever hearing of this person called "Jesus." Will they get the wrath of God because they had the misfortune of being born there, not here? Is your God that cruel? Are you that callous? Have you ever actually thought about this stuff?

P.S. Thanks for the clarity, Matt. Go back to your nice little house on the hill and thank God that you were born where you were born.

From: Floyd Taylor

I pray that someday you will experience the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

I'll be OK, Floyd. Pray for India.

From: Chris Toenies

You didn't answer my question and instead made anagrams out of my name (sixth email). Hey, give me credit for not hiding behind some fake alias! Oh by the way, Gregg Doyel is an anagram for "legged orgy."


His Erections

Well done, my friend. Well freaking done.

From: Rick Ramage

Many of your recent columns focus on men and their issues of intimacy. You want gay NFL players to announce themselves publicly, you're more angry at Jerry Sandusky than anyone else on the planet, you wrote a bizarre column commending Dwayne Wade for hugging his own children, and you're angry at Tim Tebow for considering giving a speech at a church where the pastor doesn't embrace homosexuality. Gregg, I think we've figured out the motivating factor behind all of your anger. We want you to know we stand behind you, Gregg! Uh, but please don't stand behind us, particularly after we've dropped the soap.

This is the second time (final email) you've made it into Hate Mail, Rick. Both times it was to throw out homosexual slurs. Are you familiar with the term "psychological projection"?

From: Linebacker in the closet

As a closeted bisexual player in the NFL, I think it is wonderful that the first bisexual sportswriter, Gregg Doyel, is openly campaigning for tolerance of gays in the NFL. Now, if only we could get Gregg Doyel to practice what he preaches about tolerance, by becoming more tolerant of Tim Tebow's religious convictions. Tebow doesn't have a hateful bone in his body. If you want to scold haters, go see what the Muslims have to say.

People like you support Tim Tebow? Makes it easy for people like me ... to not.

From: In The Closet

I'm a major league ballplayer for a National League team. I've heard you're a closeted homosexual, as am I. I want you to know that if you come out in one of your columns, that you'll probably face less scrutiny and pushback than you believe. It would really be helpful in facilitating cover for the rest of us in the future, if you, as a sportswriter, were to come out of the closet.

I see what you're getting at. Sort of like when a fourth-grader shoves his finger up a nostril. I see what he's getting at, too.

From: Larry Wilson

Why are you screaming about Mike Trout's salary? He makes plenty of money -- he doesn't need more. There are too many poor people in the state of California. Why aren't you screaming for them to be paid more money?

The thing about analogies, see, is they need to make sense.

From: Robuft81

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You made me read a few words this time, Spam-bot. You're getting better at disguising yourself.

From: Robburanxzdoma..z20


But you? I saw you coming from miles away.

From: Chelios07

Remove fighting from hockey?! You're an idiot. Just because you probably got picked on and beat up all the time doesn't mean that hockey fans don't enjoy the fights.

I picture you with a beer, a belly and tiny little body parts you haven't seen in years.

From: Maria D'Amato

It is clear you know nothing about MMA, its fans or culture. You sir are a hack and your argument is nonsensical bulls--t. MMA is growing and will continue to grow. All over the world people understand and enjoy watching two people beat each other up. Fighting is the oldest sport in existence -- even animals do it. The UFC is the apex of combat sports. It's not going anywhere. I just pray one day you step into an MMA gym. Please be mine so you can realize how even a tiny chick like me can treat you like the little bitch you are.


From: Matt Doyle

Are you that much of a dumb liberal? You, should have a roundtable with Obama. Oh man you would melt if you saw Obama! Chicks hate wusses like you.

I don't know, Matt. Your girl keeps emailing me. I'd kind of like her to stop.

From: Darren Warner

If you truly believe that greater tolerance will be achieved when an NFL player declares he's homosexual, you're dumber and more naive than I thought. What's next? An NFL player comes out and declares he has three testicles?

Days like this, I'm not sure Darwin had it right. Because there's no way your gene pool survives evolution.

From: Seth Coffie

No matter what lies and nonsense you say, sane and rational people WILL NEVER accept homosexuality. Do you seriously think NFL players would be comfortable with these abominable creatures in their locker rooms? Keep dreaming, dude. What is it about gay guys that fascinates you? Are you bisexual by any chance? Wouldn't surprise me. Advise your gay NFL friends to remain in the closet. We wouldn't want to contaminate America's favorite sport with these people.

Hate Mailers 2, Darwin 0.

From: Joe Mason

We are all so tired of your sensationalist crap. Just shut your mouth. Find a job you're good at. Journalism isn't it.

Maybe I'll try this one.

From: Michael J. Boryla

Great article on the major CTE breakthrough at UCLA. I am a former Philadelphia quarterback now playwright. My one-man play called QB will be staged sometime this year at Plays and Players Theatre in Philly. My first scene is my third and last concussion.

The Bengals drafted you, you know. How come you don't identify yourself like that? Sigh.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.

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