Average Draft Positions

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Average Draft Positions
RankPlayerAvg PosHI/LOPCT
248Jarrod Dyson, OF, KC205.67188/22442.9
250Michael Martinez, OF, BOS208.00208/20814.3
251Desmond Jennings, OF, TB208.50188/22928.6
253Preston Tucker, DH, HOU209.00209/20914.3
258Bradley Zimmer, OF, CLE213.00213/21314.3
262Abraham Almonte, OF, CLE215.00215/21514.3
264Anthony Gose, OF, DET219.00219/21914.3
265Nolan Reimold, OF, BAL222.00222/22214.3
267Steve Pearce, 1B, TB226.00208/24428.6
268Leonys Martin, OF, SEA231.00231/23114.3
272Aaron Hicks, OF, NYY242.00242/24214.3
273Michael Saunders, OF, TOR245.00245/24514.3
274Brock Holt, OF, BOS246.00246/24614.3