10 matchups worth waiting for

Fernando Abad isn't of interest to most Fantasy owners, at least those who don't care about puns. (USATSI)
Fernando Abad isn't of interest to most Fantasy owners, at least those who don't care about puns. (USATSI)

I admit it. For weeks, I had been pining for the day that Athletics reliever Fernando Abad would face Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor. It finally happened Monday, and Odor came away with a single.

While that base hit did help me in a couple of Fantasy leagues, my primary interest in the matchup was for the pun possibilities. There's just something inherently funny to me about the Abad-Odor matchup.

And I made no secret of my anticipation of the impending stinkfest, bringing it up more than once on our Fantasy Baseball Today podcast. A listener made sure I was aware of the fait accompli by posting the following on Twitter.

Just because I can no longer look forward to the first matchup between Abad and Odor doesn't mean that I am now free to direct my attention and energy to more meaningful matters. There are other punny matchups just waiting to happen, and I have already identified 10 of them that have to potential to amuse me for weeks on end.

Some are unlikely to happen, and some will probably not be funny to anyone other than me. That, however, won't keep me from sharing them with you. I've even ranked them in the order of my level of anticipation.

I'll start with the least likely of these to happen, since it requires a reliever to bat. An American League reliever no less.

10. (Jason) Frasor - (Jesse) Crain

That one also requires Crain to come off the DL, so I'll be waiting a while. This pitcher-on-pitcher matchup may also never happen.

9. (Mike) Minor - (Brandon) League

I had to dig into the minors for these next two.

8. (Donn) Roach - (Justin) Trapp

7. (Trevor) May - (Tyler) Flowers

The top six involve a major league hitter and a major league pitcher, though four of them involve interleague matchups that aren't on the remaining 2014 schedule. So I'll either need to be very patient or root for some trades.

6. (Brett) Cecil - (Elvis) Andrus (political geek special)

5. (Zack) Wheeler - (Junior) Lake (geography geek special)

4. (Alfredo) Simon - (Yoenis) Ces-pedes

3. (Matt) Joyce - (Rex) Brothers

2. (Ryan) Howard - (Phil) Hughes

1. (George) Springer - (Mike) Leake

Ok, so these aren't quite on the level of Abad-Odor, but everyone knows that sequels are always disappointing. Then again, maybe I missed some good ones, so if you have a punny matchup in mind, please share it in the comments section.

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