A Fantasy Baseball League for Tradeaholics

I'm in a league with an owner who has proven over the years to be the go-to guy for trade inquiries. He'll pull off 90 percent of the trades in our redraft league in a given year. I started thinking about what the perfect league for 12 guys and gals just like him would look like. And the answer is pretty simple: autodraft.

Most fantasy owners wouldn't dream of giving up draft day or auction day, but if your league is packed with owners who spend day afer day crafting trade offers, why not play a format that challenges your ability to build your ideal team through trades rather than a draft or auction?

Think of it like this: if Eccentric MLB Owner X sees how great of a fantasy gamer you are and offers you a job as general manager -- stop laughing, it could happen -- you're likely not going to be at the helm of a expansion team; instead, you'll have a cupboard already stocked with players, and you'll have to shop around the league and find a way to turn your ugly ducklings into championship swans.

So grab your day-trading friends and autodraft a league. One caveat: challenge them to not change the pre-rankings at all. Once the machine shuffles the cards and deals your hands, get your trade on.

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