Are These Hot Hitters Legit?

This morning on our Podcast we evaluated some of the hottest hitters in baseball. Trumbo, Belt, Josh Hamilton, Stanton, Colabello and a few more. The audio is below but I would love to know what you think of those guys. Who is legit? Who is a sell-high candidate?

I'm pretty pumped about Giancarlo Stanton as I had him as an undervalued player on Draft Day. I love players who were first or early-second round picks a year ago and have suffered an unreasonable drop in draft value because of a down year. Ryan Mathews was that guy in Fantasy Football. Stanton - to a lesser extent - is that guy in baseball.

Here are two other candidates for ya: Johnny Cueto and Jose Bautista. Both players were downgraded too much due to injuries.

Anyway, here's this morning's Podcast. Subscribe here! We touched on Ubaldo Jimenez, Tanner Scheppers, Ryan Ludwick (underowned!), Trevor Plouffe and more.

Also don't drop Ivan Nova. He'll get it together. Also Yangervis Solarte will make the All-Star Team. Also I'm just kidding that won't happen.

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