Closers once again doing a number on frustrated Fantasy owners

A Fantasy baseball buddy recently suggested a permanent change to the name of his team. He sought advice on which to pick.

He proposed "The Closer Killer" and "Death to Closers."

Both understandable. Every closer this guy drafts, no matter how successful previously, turns into your Uncle Fred overnight. And it has been going on for years. He could have selected Bruce Sutter, Mariano Rivera and Craig Kimbrel and all of them would have been urged to retire immediately.

This sad sack of a closer picker is a knowledgeable Fantasy analyst. His teams generally perform well - he even won our 18-team points league in 2012, which proves one can overcome any deficiency. Both closers he selected that year lost their jobs in April.

And he's not alone. Blown saves have already become an epidemic this season. More were recorded than actual saves on Wednesday as such traditional standouts as Joe Nathan, Glen Perkins, Jason Grilli, Jonathan Papelbon and Jim Johnson all emerged from the bullpens with gas cans.

The moral of this story is that luck plays a huge role in the success or failure of all Fantasy teams, especially in regard to closers. And major league managers would certainly empathize. One can only keep a sharp lookout for guys who assume closer roles during the season and hope for the best.

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