Di Fino: Test your Fantasy wits

It's time, once again, for the Fantasy quiz. Sharpen your pencils -- and your minds -- and be wowed at the weird anomalies and quirks of the 2012 season. When you're through, check your answers at the bottom, and then rush to the waiver wire to adjust rosters based on day games, bullpen shifts and speedsters who are facing certain pitchers.

(All stats are through games played on Thursday, August 9):

1.Which pitcher has given up the most home runs (10) since the All-Star break?:

a. Ian Kennedy
b. Jordan Lyles
c. Phil Hughes
d. Travis Wood

2. Which batter has seen the most pitches so far this season?:

a. Adam Dunn
b. Michael Bourn
c. Curtis Granderson
d. Ian Kinsler

3. Which relief pitcher has the most points this season -- without having started or saved a game?:

a. Robbie Ross
b. Craig Stammen
c. Vinnie Pestano
d. Darren O'Day

4. Which of these catchers has the highest OPS since the All-Star break (min. of 25 at-bats)?:

a. Michael McKenry
b. Erik Kratz
c. Carlos Santana
d. A.J. Pierzynski

5. Who leads MLB in sacrifics bunts this season?:

a. Johnny Cueto
b. Elvis Andrus
c. Lance Lynn
d. Alcides Escobar

Bonus Pop Culture Question #1: How much does Boardwalk cost to buy in Monopoly?

a. $350
b. $400
c. $450
d. $500

6. Of this group, who has the most Quality Starts this season?:

a. Matt Cain
b. Ian Kennedy
c. Cole Hamels
d. Jason Vargas

7. Which of these second basemen has the most runs scored since the All-Star break?:

a. Aaron Hill
b. Ryan Theriot
c. Dustin Pedroia
d. Robinson Cano

8. Which Davis has more Fantasy points this season?:

a. Chris Davis
b. Rajai Davis

9.: Since the All-Star break, only two players have five home runs, double-digit steals, and are batting .300 or above. One of those players is Mike Trout . The other is:

a. Drew Stubbs
b. Jose Reyes
c. Carlos Gomez
d. Jason Heyward

Bonus Pop Culture Question #2: According to Buddy the Elf, which of the following is not a food group?:

a. Candy
b. Candy canes
c. Candy buttons
d. Candy corn

10. The player who has received the most at-bats since the All-Star break is:

a. Nick Markakis
b. Michael Bourn
c. Steve Lombardozzi
d. Derek Jeter

11. Of players with 50 or more at-bats in day games this season, who has the highest batting average (.409)?

a. Paul Konerko
b. David Ortiz
c. Juan Pierre
d. David Wright

Bonus Pop Culture Question #3:: According to imdb.com, who didn't supply a voice for a Mogwai or Gremlin in Gremlins?

a. Howie Mandel
b. Michael Winslow
c. Michael J. Fox
d. Peter Cullen

12. Who is owned in more leagues?:

a. Kris Medlen
b. Chris Carter

13. Who has more Fantasy points?:

a. Kris Medlen
b. Chris Carter

14. Which is greater: the combined ownership percentages of Michael Pineda and Victor Martinez -- who each have yet to play a game this year -- or the ownership of Cubs closer Carlos Marmol -- who has five saves, a 2.08 ERA, and 11 strikeouts in his last 8 2/3 innings pitched?:

a. Pineda and Martinez
b. Marmol

15. The following four pitchers have allowed the most steals this season. Who ranks first?:

a. Tommy Hanson
b. A.J. Burnett
c. Ubaldo Jimenez
d. Madison Bumgarner

How'd you do? Check your answers below. Anything over five correct should be considered a rousing success:

1. D
2. C (Granderson has seen 2,148 pitches)
3. A (Ross has 153 points. Stammen was second with 149.)
4. B (Kratz has two home runs and five doubles, with an OPS of 1.254)
5. A (Cueto has 13 sacrifices this season)
6. D (Vargas has 16)
7. B (Theriot has 18 runs scored)
8. A (...but it's close: 226.50 to 226)
9. C
10. C (Lombardozzi has 123 at-bats)
11. C
12. A (Medlen has 144.5, Carter has 105.5)
13. A (Medlen is owned in 30 percent; Carter is owned in 29 percent)
14. A (Pineda/Martinez are owned in 26 percent of leagues, each; Marmol is owned in 50 percent of leagues)
15. C (Jimenez has allowed 26 steals)

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