Early season scout team adds

Let's face it, some sleepers are too deep to warrant an actual draft pick. That's alright, though, because we've got you covered. By using the "scout team" function, you can keep tabs on some of your deep sleepers, hoping to pick them up if they get off to strong starts. Being overprepared is never a bad thing. With that in mind, here are some players I'll be adding to my scout team at the beginning of the year.

  • Edinson Volquez - This is more a bet on pitching coach Ray Searage, who has turned around some questionable pitchers in recent years. If Volquez is having success, and pounding the zone with two-seam fastballs, he might be worth a shot.
  • Drew Hutchison - Hutchison has received rave reviews during camp, and is said to be throwing harder this year. Velocity upticks are a good indicator of a breakout, so look to see if that's actually the case once the season starts.
  • Erik Johnson and Felipe Paulino - You're really betting on Chicago White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper here. Cooper has been able to turn around so many careers during his tenure with the team that any new pitcher joining their rotation should draw some attention from Fantasy owners.
  • Cameron Maybin - Alright, this one isn't really an early add, but I liked what Maybin showed prior to his injuries. An altered stance led to some late success in 2012, but he was never healthy enough to prove it wasn't a fluke in 2013. 
  • Jake Odorizzi - Odorizzi alledgedly added a splitter during the offseason, and I'm slightly intrigued. While most of these stories about pitchers adding new offerings amount to nothing, I'll consider picking up Odorizzi if he gets off to a good start and is using his new pitch.
  • Yasmani Grandal - He's shown plenty of promise when healthy, and has progressed well after season-ending knee surgery. If he produces early, I'm going all in.
  • Nathan Eovaldi and Martin Perez - With both players, it's about strikeout rate. Eovaldi throws hard, and posted a solid ERA last year, but it hasn't translated to strikeouts. Perez has exceptional stuff, but doesn't get strikeouts for some reason. Adding a cutter during the offseason might help. 
  • Kolten Wong - There's a chance Wong is already owned in your league. But if he's not, he might be soon. The St. Louis Cardinals have had a lot of success promoting fringe prospects to the majors in recent years ( Allen Craig , Matt Carpenter , Matt Adams , etc.). Wong could be next.
  • Ian Kennedy - Goodbye, bad pitcher's park. Hello, Petco.
These are some of the players I'm adding to my scout teams. There's about a two percent chance any of them work out, but they've all shown some hints of promise in the past. 
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