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In the immortal words of Beetlejuice, it's showtime.

The start of baseball season means the return of Fantasy Baseball Today, live Monday-Friday at noon ET. No more one-and-done specials. We're back in a full-fledged routine.

You take a lunch a break, right? And you usually spend it listening to the hum of a Coke machine? Tune in to us every day -- maybe even call in when the mood strikes you -- and you'll be the smartest person in your league. Or at least the most informed. We can't claim to improve raw intellect, even if there's no evidence against it.

Adam Aizer, Al Melchior and I are already busy prepping for the first show today. In it, we'll look at all 30 starting lineups and starting rotations. And those are just two of the seven segments. Comprehensive stuff.

Later today, I'll be blogging on all my observations from opening day. Or at least the most interesting ones. There's comprehensive, and then there's too comprehensive.

In the meantime, check out this video with special guest Jon Heyman, who will be making regular appearances this season, discussing some of the biggest storylines heading into the season. I especially like his take on Yordano Ventura

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