Players who'll help you make up ground in homers

Got homers?

I'm guessing even your league's leader in the category could stand to have more. They just don't make power hitters like they used to. The 30-homer guy has become one of the rarest commodities in the post-steroids era, and the 40-homer guy has become practically extinct.

But performing at that pace for half a season is, of course, easier than doing it for a full season. Let's face it: You're not getting 40 homers from anybody from this point forward, but you could make some serious ground in the category with 20.

To that end, Adam Aizer, Al Melchior and I discussed on Thursday's Fantasy Baseball Today some of the players we think have a legitimate chance of hitting 20 homers -- or at least close to it -- from this point forward. And no, we didn't focus on Jose Bautista and Giancarlo Stanton types, but players you have some chance of attaining, either because they've underperformed to this point or fly under the radar in general.

Bombs away!

Senior Fantasy Writer

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