Projecting the first round for 2015

Robinson Cano is likely still a first-round pick despite a disappointing first year in Seattle. (USATSI)
Robinson Cano is likely still a first-round pick despite a disappointing first year in Seattle. (USATSI)

When I tweet out Fantasy Baseball links and get Fantasy Football questions in response, that's a pretty good indication a large percentage of our audience has moved on from the current season.

And that's usually when I start looking to next season.

If you're not in that percentage that's moved on, fear not. It's not all 2015 from now on. But I will start mixing it into blog posts and such because, frankly, it's the more interesting topic right now. I mean, we can only obsess over Kyle Hendricks for so long.

I'll start by projecting the first round. With six weeks to go in 2014, it goes without saying that it's subject to change, but apart from that, the order could vary between Head-to-Head and Rotisserie leagues. Jose Altuve might replace Jose Bautista in Rotisserie, example. For the most part, though, I'm comfortable with this order across all formats.

The number in parentheses is the player's Head-to-Head points per game average through Thursday:

  1. Mike Trout , OF, Los Angeles Angels (3.91)
  2. Miguel Cabrera , 1B, Detroit Tigers (3.37)
  3. Andrew McCutchen , OF, Pittsburgh Pirates (3.81)
  4. Clayton Kershaw , SP, Los Angeles Dodgers (25.50)
  5. Paul Goldschmidt , 1B, Arizona Diamondbacks (3.58)
  6. Troy Tulowitzki , SS, Colorado Rockies (3.74)
  7. Giancarlo Stanton , OF, Miami Marlins (3.61)
  8. Edwin Encarnacion , 1B, Toronto Blue Jays (3.90)
  9. Jose Abreu , 1B, Chicago White Sox (3.64)
  10. Felix Hernandez , SP, Seattle Mariners (23.44)
  11. Robinson Cano , 2B, Mariners (3.26)
  12. Jose Bautista, OF, Blue Jays (3.57)

Some near misses include Altuve, Yasiel Puig , Josh Donaldson , Anthony Rendon , Carlos Gomez , Adrian Beltre , David Price , Adam Wainwright and Chris Sale . Masahiro Tanaka could enter the mix depending on how he finishes out the season, and I haven't the first clue how to value Michael Brantley right now. Only Trout, Encarnacion and McCutchen have averaged more Head-to-Head points per game than him so far, but I foresee his legitimacy being one of the biggest debates of the offseason.

Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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