Spring numbers: What are they really worth?

Spring risers.
Scott White's three spring risers.

How do you count games that don't count? Can you trust spring stats from unproven players? These are the topics we'll examine on tomorrow's live draft special

Of the three guys shown in the graphic above, Yordano Ventura jumps out as the trendiest spring sleeper. Scott White took him at the end of the 16th round in our latest head-to-head draft, ahead of Dan Haren and Dillon Gee. With so much buzz surrounding the young hurler, chances are you'll end up reaching for him if you really want him. 

Velocity can't be argued, so 100 mph is 100 mph no matter what month it's thrown in. But there's a reason they refer to spring as training. Scott's apparently seen enough to target a guy his colleague Al Melchior projected for fewer points than Nate Eovaldi. Obviously, Al knows that Ventura has a much higher ceiling, but you get the point. It's risky upside versus unwavering mediocrity. It's exciting volatility in the 16th versus safe and boring in the 21st. 

Scott and Al will delve further into their thoughts on all three of these guys, and whether or not they buy into spring numbers in general on Thursday's Fantasy Baseball Today at 12 ET. Are you targeting any of these three, or are their statistics too good to be true? 

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