Starting pitchers who worry us

If you held on to Cliff Lee for two months waiting for him to return from an elbow strain, his performance Monday against the Giants probably worried you.

Granted, you can't help but worry when you play Fantasy Baseball. Over the course of a 162-game season, every player has stretches when he doesn't look like himself. But when you can point to external factors that may or may not be contributing to those stretches, as is the case with Lee, it validates the worry, making it potentially something to act on.

Most of the starting pitchers Al Melchior and I mention in this clip from Tuesday's Fantasy Baseball Today fit that description. The ones who don't (such as Doug Fister, Alfredo Simon and Mark Buehrle) have some underlying stat that suggest regression is coming. I personally don't agree with Al's assessment of Fister, believing his strikeout rate itself is due for some correction, but that's really not the point. The strikeout rate is legitimate reason for concern, and it concerns him.

Check out who else makes the lilst.

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