The 'Fantasy Journalist' is not out to bully you

It wasn't the first Tweet or email I've received of its kind, but it was the one that set me off.

This morning in my inbox was a message from ... we'll call him Dan ... who wondered, like so many before him, how could send him an email criticizing his draft and praising someone else's when he follows our advice to the letter and is consistently one of the top performers in the league. Just who is responsible for that mindless drivel?

Well, he got the mindless part right.

Guys, it's a machine. It doesn't finesse anything. It doesn't know all of your future plans. It doesn't even take into account the wide range of possibilities for every player. All it does is plug in a single projection for every player and draw conclusions from that. It doesn't like all of my teams either. Heck, it's using Al Melchior's projections, and it doesn't like his teams half the time. The text basically describes how far you strayed from the predetermined draft order -- and rather impressively, I might add. With all the drafts I do for the site, I rarely see a repeated line of text or the usual pronoun and verb tense errors. For what it's supposed to be, the Fantasy Journalist is as good as it gets.

So what's it supposed to be? Like everything else on this site, fun. This blog? Fun. Our podcast? Fun. Playing GM in a fictional league with a bunch of your friends? Fun. Have we lost sight of that?

And don't try to claim picking winners and losers from the draft isn't fun. You know after the draft is over, everyone in your league does the same thing. One of the more brazen types might even post something about it on the message board.

That's all the Fantasy Journalist is intended to be. It's one take -- one cold, narrow-minded take -- and doesn't claim to be anything more. Don't like what it says? Great. You have a whole season to prove it wrong. Don't let it get in your way of a good time any more than you would that annoying, know-it-all leaguemate who never finishes higher than fifth anyway.

Senior Fantasy Writer

Raised in Atlanta by a board game-loving family during the dawn of the '90s Braves dynasty, Scott White was easy prey for the Fantasy Sports, in particular Fantasy Baseball, and has devoted his adulthood... Full Bio

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