The Twitterverse weighs in on next year's draft

Point to where we should draft you next year, Michael Brantley. (USATSI)
Point to where we should draft you next year, Michael Brantley. (USATSI)

If you have yet to read my column projecting the first two rounds of next year's draft, first of all, please do. All done? Terrific.

I'm thinking because of its size and scope, it's deserving of a behind-the-scenes look. Hey, if Big Top Pee-wee can be so bold as to include one on its home release, by golly, so can I.

(Now, does anyone actually own a copy to confirm it has one? Ah, whatever. You get what I'm saying.)

At one point in the column, I reference consulting my Twitter followers on a handful of fringy second-rounders, which is absolutely true. And I took their feedback to heart. After all, swimming against the current on Draft Day is ultimately self-defeating. Why take a player in the second round when you could have had him in the fourth?

Here's a sample of the conversation that helped shape the second round:

Confused yet? We're only beginning ...

OK, now a pattern is beginning to emerge. Except what about ...

But didn't the first respondent say he preferred Cueto to the rest? Surely, he's not the only one to believe in him.

So wait, now we're going after Brantley?

OK, I get the point already.

But, but ...

At last, some headway.

As I suspected, we're all a little wary of a 36-year-old Beltre, especially with his power now on the decline. So I think we're about settled then ... finally.

Oh boy ...

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