Using advanced stats for Fantasy - Epilogue

Mike Trout hopes you've been paying attention. (USATSI)
Mike Trout hopes you've been paying attention. (USATSI)

We've reached the end for now. Over the past few weeks, I've looked at a few ways to utilize advanced stats in Fantasy leagues. I hope they've been helpful, or at least been informative. Much of my initial interest in advanced stats came from trying to get an edge in Fantasy leagues, so hopefully this is the start of a beautiful journey for some of you.

To make these more accessible, I've decided to compile all the articles below. If you missed an installment, you can catch up here.

Team stats

wOBA and wRC+ 

Pitching stats 



Strikeout rate and walk rate


Hitting stats

Strikeout rate

Batted ball data

Hitters and Pitchers


Defensive metrics

UZR and DRS 

That's it. If there are any other stats you would like me to cover, leave a comment. Enjoy!

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