Which September call-ups have value?

Kris Bryant awaits his call. (USATSI)
Kris Bryant awaits his call. (USATSI)

September is nearly here. That means rosters are close to expanding, and some talented prospects could get their first taste of the majors. Making an impact in the final month can be tough, but some rookies manage to pull it off. With that in mind, here are a few players who might be worth a look in a few days.

Noah Syndergaard, SP, Mets

It's actually been somewhat of a down year for Syndergaard. He's dealt with some injuries throughout the season, but is healthy now. The 21-year-old has a 4.72 ERA over 118 1/3 innings at Triple-A, but is still considered a strong talent within the Mets organization. He's not a sure bet to provide value immediately if called up, but he could be a matchup play.

Archie Bradley, SP, Diamondbacks

Bradley entered the season as one of the top pitching prospects in the game, but couldn't work his way into the rotation. Bradley did deal with an elbow injury during the year, which slowed down his progress. He also hasn't performed all that well since he was promoted to Triple-A. Still, Arizona could use him, and it's more than likely he'll be called up. Like Syndergaard, Fantasy owners should use him if the matchup is strong.

Francisco Lindor, SS, Indians

Lindor is one of the few position players who might actually play a big role down the stretch. By dealing away Asdrubal Cabrera, the Indians opened up a spot for Lindor to play consistently. On top of that, he plays one of the thinnest positions in Fantasy. Again, he's not a must-own if he gets the call, but he's someone Fantasy owners should monitor. 

Matt Wisler, SP, Padres

Wisler is another player who looks pretty close to being major-league ready. While he hasn't performed as well since being promoted to Triple-A, he still has a strong pedigree. Working him in to the majors this season would be smart for San Diego. If all goes well, Wisler will play a big role in the team's rotation in 2015. Like all the other pitchers on the list, he's a matchup guy.

Andrew Heaney, SP, Marlins

This one might not be fair since Heaney was already up earlier this season. While he may have struggled in a four-start audition, he's been fine in the minors. The Marlins will likely give him some more opportunities as the year dies down. Don't judge him based on his brief appearances earlier in the year. He's still a talented player.

Addison Russell, SS, Cubs and Kris Bryant, 3B, Cubs

Bryant is the bigger name here, and rightfully so. If promoted, he would certainly draw a ton of interest in Fantasy. He plays a relatively thin position, and can provide a ton of power. The only issue with Bryant is that he's shown the propensity to strike out at a high rate in the minors. If pitchers are able to exploit that early, he could struggle. 

Russell may not get the call considering the Cubs young core of middle infielders. He would be making the leap straight from Double-A. That doesn't mean he can't be successful immediately, but it's a tough transition to make. Given the Cubs talent at short and second, Russell may have to be a part-time player for the final month if promoted. 

Joc Pederson, OF, Dodgers

The real issue here is playing time. Pederson has dominated in the minors, hitting .298/.428/.571 over 410 at-bats, but the Dodgers don't really have space in the outfield right now. Carl Crawford has played well lately, which could push Pederson out of regular time. On top of that, the club is making a push for the playoffs, and may not feel comfortable working in Pederson in that situation.

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