Draft prep: Our 14-team mock draft

Drafting in a 10-team league is easy and 12 is becoming standard fare. For a real challenge, try doing a 14-team mock draft.

With the Fantasy Football season getting closer, we got 14 people who work at CBSSports.com together for a mock draft. We'll show you where we think certain players should be drafted, sleepers we like, busts we want to avoid and players in line for a breakout season. You can judge if we like a rookie with a high draft pick or if we left a veteran on the board too long.

The fun about doing these mock drafts is for you, our users, to follow along and let us know your thoughts on our picks. So drop us an e-mail at dmfantasyfootball@cbs.com and put "Mock Draft" in the subject line. Let us know if you like or dislike any of the picks we made in certain rounds.

This draft is a 14-team mock draft with a standard-scoring format. It's not a standard draft, but this should still be a good representation of how your draft will look this year. Obviously, things will change between now and the start of the season. But, this is still an example of how your Fantasy drafts might look.

Here is our draft order:

CBSSports.com Mock Drafts
New for Fantasy Football this year, test your draft strategy in a mock draft so you'll be prepared when your real draft arrives. Mock drafts are absolutely free and available to everyone, no matter where you play.
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1. Aaron Weisberg, Managing Producer of Video, CBSSports.com
2. Lauren Shehadi, CBSSports.com Video Host
3. Danielle MacLean, Director of Fantasy Sports, CBSSports.com
4. Matt Brodsky, CBSSports.com Video Producer
5. Jason Horowitz, CBSSports.com Video Host
6. Jiff Lippman, CBSSports.com Fantasy Writer
7. Michael Hurcomb, CBSSports.com Fantasy Writer
8. Peter Madden, Managing Editor, CBSSports.com Fantasy Sports
9. Scott White, CBSSports.com Fantasy Writer
10. Dave Richard, CBSSports.com Senior Fantasy Writer
11. Sergio Gonzalez, CBSSports.com Fantasy Writer
12. Jamey Eisenberg, CBSSports.com Senior Fantasy Writer
13. Eric Mack, CBSSports.com Senior Fantasy Writer
14. Ross Devonport, CBSSports.com Fantasy Writer

We're starting ...

1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 Flex RB/WR/TE, 1 PK, 1 DST

Seven reserve spots

We're scoring ...

6 pts. for all TDs

1 pt. for each

10 yards rushing/receiving

1 pt. for each 25 yards passing

1 pt. for each reception

-2 pts. for each interception or fumble

2 pts. for two-point conversions

1 pt. for each extra point

3 pts. for each field goal with large bonuses for long kicks made

2 pts. for each fumble, interception or safety by a DST

Standard bonuses for points allowed for DST

Senior Fantasy Writer

Jamey Eisenberg has been a Senior Fantasy Writer for CBS Sports since 2006 with a focus on Fantasy Football. A University of Florida grad (class of '98), Jamey got his start in the newspaper business and... Full Bio

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