Pace of play impacts DSTs

In choosing Fantasy DSTs, make sure to look at those teams' offenses. Pace of play has a major effect.

Teams that play fast, like Chip Kelly's Eagles, create more possessions and more plays for their opponents too.

Football Outsiders determined these 10 teams played the fastest in 2013, excluding game situations when they were forced to hurry up or bleed the clock.

1. Eagles: 23.88 seconds per play

2. Bills: 24.92 seconds per play

3. Broncos: 25.86 seconds per play

4. Patriots26.59 seconds per play

5. Ravens28.28 seconds per play

6. Jaguars: 28.37 seconds per play

7. Colts28.50 seconds per play

8. Vikings: 28.64 seconds per play

9. Browns: 28.90 seconds per play

10. Packers: 28.92 seconds per play

Seven of those teams ranked in the top 14 in total yards allowed: Vikings (2nd) Eagles (4th), Jaguars (5th), Patriots (7th), Packers (8th), Colts (13th) and Broncos (14th).

Only two of those, New England and Denver, are ranked among the top 10 DSTs by Dave Richard and Jamey Eisenberg. As more teams speed up the pace and expand the use of no-huddle offenses, this is a correlation that bears watching.

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