Playing for $omething extra

The two reasons why men play football professionally are to win a ring and to get rich, and not necessarily in that order.

At the very minimum, a player who plays a full season makes half a million dollars. But that's just the beginning -- the more valuable a team feels someone is, the more someone will get paid when he signs a contract.

Thus, when a player knows that a chance to cash in is just a year away, he will do whatever he can to look good -- and that's exactly what Fantasy owners should want. So we're listing the relevant Fantasy players who, following the 2011 season, will be free agents and in a position to land some guaranteed bucks.

This summer, any player with four or more accrued seasons is a free agent, not like last year when a player needed six seasons to be set free. Any free agent with three years or fewer under his belt is either restricted or an exclusive rights player.

Some additional free-agent notes:

UFA: Unrestricted Free Agent -- A player who can sign anywhere.*
RFA: Restricted Free Agent -- A player who can sign anywhere but original team can match offer or receive compensation from new team. (Compensation will be added upon announcement of team designations.)
EXFA: Exclusive Rights Free Agent -- A player who can only negotiate with current team.
FRAN: Franchised Player -- A player who is guaranteed a one-year deal from his original team relative to highest-paid players at his position. The new team must give two first-round picks as compensation to original team if signed away.
*- released players also have this designation

Here's our list of players entering free agency this offseason, and here's our list of overpaid players headed into the 2011 season.

Got a free agency question, or a Fantasy question? Stop thinking and start typing -- send it to Be sure to put Attn: 2011 Player Movement in the subject field. Please include your full name, hometown and state and we'll respond to as many as e-mails we can.

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