Who needs experts?! Real 12-team 3-WR draft results

Maybe the biggest complaint we've received this summer is that our mock drafts, while informative, are not realistic. Take one look at our Draft Averages and you'll see three quarterbacks going within the first 13 picks and nine in the Top 60 overall. That, some of you say, is more realistic. 

This past weekend I was in Pittsburgh as part of a Fantasy Football event with 93.7 The Fan, the town's best sports talk station. As part of the event, we held a 12-team three-WR standard draft with 12 people who don't write about Fantasy sports for a living. I found the draft results interesting and thought I'd share them with you guys (and please forgive the handwriting, it's not mine ... not that mine is any good).

The first nine draft slots.
The first nine draft slots.

The last five draft slots.
The last five draft slots.

Some takeaways from this draft:

- Two quarterbacks in the first two rounds -- one in Round 1, one in Round 2. Again, is this realistic? Maybe it is, maybe it's not. You know your league better than me.

But what about eight quarterbacks through the first five rounds? That seems more realistic to "normal" drafts, not like ours where the majority of passers slip into Round 6 and beyond. 

- Matt Forte , Doug Martin and Reggie Bush slide, Chris Johnson , Joique Bell and Rashad Jennings rise. Can I explain it? No. That's part of the fun variables of a draft with your pals -- they'll take who they like for the reasons they believe in.

- Doug Baldwin in Round 5. I can't ... I just can't.

- Ben Roethlisberger before Robert Griffin III , Colin Kaepernick , Tony Romo and Jay Cutler . Le'Veon Bell before Montee Ball and DeMarco Murray . Markus Wheaton ahead of Kendall Wright and Emmanuel Sanders . Heath Miller before Zach Ertz . Pittsburgh Steelers DST in Round 12. Can ya tell this draft was done with mostly Steelers fans in Pittsburgh?!

Remember that location counts for your drafts. 

- Teams taking two DSTs. I'd rather spend one of those roster spots on a sleeper. 

- But most of all, owners tend to gravitate toward players they know already and not necessarily the new names, or at least names that don't have as much buzz. Those who are prepared and recognize some sleepers will benefit.

Any other thoughts on this draft? Post them below. 

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