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  • Kings' Voynov Begins Deportation Process

    News: Slava Voynov will be deported to Russia and has been released by the Kings, Yahoo! Sports reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov recently completed his 90-day jail sentence after pleading no contest to charges of domestic violence stemming from an October 2014 arrest. Following his release from jail, Voynov was taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and would have been subjected to a deportation hearing, but by voluntarily returning to his native country, he'll avoid what likely would have been a lengthy legal process. Shortly after Voynov informed the Kings of his decision to leave the country, the team also announced that they would terminate the defenseman's contract, allowing them to escape his $4.16 million annual cap hit over the next three seasons. Voynov had been under an indefinite suspension from the NHL immediately after his arrest last fall, and it's quite unlikely that he'll ever play again in North America. It's believed that Voynov is still recovering from a torn Achilles suffered at some point last spring, but once he's healthy, the 25-year-old could elect to resume his playing career in the KHL.
  • Kings' Voynov (Achilles) Facing Deportation

    News: Slava Voynov (suspension, Achilles) was taken into custody by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement after his release from jail, according to the L.A. Times. He faces potential deportation after serving time after pleading no contest to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge.
    Analysis: The agency didn't allow a bond for his release, which seems to be pretty common for those individuals they feel are a flight risk or a danger to their communities. Slava Voynov falls under Priority 2(b), which covers those "convicted of a 'significant misdemeanor.'" He's a Russian citizen and will stand before an immigration judge. But veteran immigration lawyers estimate the case could taken months or longer to resolve. He may be forced to leave the country and reapply for a visa, but there is no clear answer to the situation right now.
  • Kings' Voynov To Spend Three Months In Jail

    News: Slava Voynov (Achilles) accepted a plea deal Thursday for his domestic assault charges and will spend 90 days in jail and face three years of probation,'s Katie Strang reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov was arrested on charges of domestic violence back in October and suspended indefinitely by the league. The defenseman has yet to be reinstated by the NHL, which will conduct its own investigation before making a ruling on his eligibility. Further complicating matters is that the Kings have instituted their own suspension on Voynov for suffering a torn Achilles tendon in a non-hockey related activity this past spring. His future with the Kings and in the NHL remains up in the air, and it's uncertain when a resolution might be reached.
  • Kings' Voynov Undergoes Succesful Surgery

    News: Slava Voynov tore his Achilles tendon in a recreational activity and underwent succesful surgery last week, Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov has been suspended by the team and his salary will not count against the salary cap. He is also dealing with a domestic abuse trial currently, so his future remains uncertain with the Kings.
  • Kings' Voynov Suspended By Organization

    News: Slava Voynov has been suspended by the Kings organization and his salary will not count against the team's cap, Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider reports.
    Analysis: Per the report, the Kings moved to suspend Slava Voynov because he suffered his injury away from hockey activity. With Voynov already suspended by the league due to a still ongoing domestic abuse trial, his future with the club seems to be in some doubt.
  • Kings' Voynov Suffers Torn Achilles

    News: Slava Voynov, who had his trial for domestic battery charges pushed back to early June, recently underwent surgery for a torn Achilles tendon, the LA Kings Insider reports.
    Analysis: Rehab for that type of injury is usually around four months but the Kings haven't released any estimate as of yet. Slava Voynov's status for the upcoming season will hinge more on the trial outcome but the Achilles injury is another hurdle he may have to eventually clear.
  • Kings' Voynov Trial Delayed Again

    News: Slava Voynov's (suspension) upcoming trial for domestic battery charges was once again delay until April, the LA Times reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov remained under indefinite suspension by the NHL and could face deportation back to Russia if found guilty. If for some reason you were still holding onto him for this season it's time to cut bait and move on.
  • Kings' Voynov Trial Delayed One Week

    News: Slava Voynov's upcoming trial for domestic battery charges has been delayed one week, the Orange County Register reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov remains under indefinite suspension by the NHL but could face deportation back to Russia if found guilty. The trial will now begin on March 9, which is significant given the fact the it was moved from March 2 -- the NHL's trade deadline. It was a long shot anyway, but any bit of clarity regarding their defenseman's status they were hoping to gain before the trade deadline will have to wait.
  • Kings' Voynov Pleads Not Guilty

    News: Slava Voynov (suspension) pleaded not guilty in Monday to his felony charge of corporal injury to spouse with great bodily injury, the Associated Press reports.
    Analysis: Next up for Slava Voynov is a pretrial hearing Jan. 28, before a preliminary trial for the felony charge stemming from his October arrest for choking and hitting his wife. His trial is expected to begin Mar. 2, and if Voynov ends up being fount guilty, he could be at risk of deportation back to his native Russia.
  • Kings' Voynov Will Stand Trial

    News: Slava Voynov will stand trial on a felony charge of domestic violence after a judge deemed there to be sufficient evidence to move forward with the case Monday, reports.
    Analysis: Slava Voynov, who is suspended indefinitely, will be arraigned Dec. 29 and appears unlikely to be reinstated until the legal process plays out.
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