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    • Bolts' Ohlund Placed On Long-Term Injured Reserve

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knee) was placed on long-term injured reserve Tuesday, the Tampa Bay Times reports.
      Analysis: Mattias Ohlund's move to injured reserve along with his $3.607 million contract allows the Lightning to exceed the league cap limit of $64.3 million. It's very possible we've seen the last of Ohlund at the NHL level after he's missed the last two-plus seasons after undergoing surgery on both of his knees.
    • Bolts' Ohlund: Future Remains Cloudy

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knee) has not made an official decision about retirement, but says he has "... to realize that the conditions to play again becomes less and less," reports NBC Sports which cites the Swedish newspaper Norrbottens-Kuriren.
      Analysis: He hasn't played since May 27, 2011 after undergoing a partial knee replacement and turns 37 on Sept. 9. He still has three years on a contract that pays him $25.25 million over seven years.
    • Bolts' Ohlund (Knee) Admits Career May Be Done

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knee) has finally admitted his playing career might be over, reports the Tampa Bay Times. "I'm not close to working out or even skating," Ohlund said. "Clearly I have to be realistic. I haven't played for a year and a half. Nobody has told me it's impossible to ever play again but, clearly, the longer it goes the chances of that are getting tougher and tougher." Almost a year ago, Ohlund underwent a partial knee replacement.
      Analysis: The surgery, which placed a layer of titanium on the bottom surface of the femur behind the knee joint, was probably his "last best chance" to save his career. He is on the salary books through 2015-16 and is ineligible for a buyout because he's on IR. What a sad turn for a proud player.
    • Bolts' Ohlund (Knee): Future Still Cloudy

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knee) isn't even jogging and still has pain in his partially-replaced knee, reports the Tampa Bay Times.
      Analysis: He can, at least, perform daily activities like walking, but time on the ice is a long way off. He can perform more reps of leg exercises than he could before the surgery, but his career remains in jeopardy. "Do I have a dream to still play hockey? Yeah, I do," said Mattias Ohlund, 35, earlier this week after a workout in Tampa. "I'm slowly getting better. But I don't know what the end result will be."
    • Bolts' Ohlund (Knee) Faces Uncertain Future

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knee) would like to play again, but knows a return will be a difficult task, reports Tampa Bay Times. He underwent major surgery to resurface the femur behind the kneecap in his left knee joint.
      Analysis: He's hard into rehab, some 11 weeks since the surgery which, to the layperson, would most easily be described as a partial knee replacement -- a layer of titanium was applied to the head of the femur. "I have to [do the rehab], for my own peace of mind, give myself a chance to do this," Mattias Ohlund said. "I'd like to play again. I don't know if it's going to happen, but I hope so." His return will be a daunting task and there's no guarantee that he will even be skating again by September. Right now, he is doing light weight training, stretching, swimming and riding a stationary bike. Hockey is hard on the knees; we've never heard of anyone coming back from a partial replacement to play pro hockey.
    • Bolts' Ohlund Has Knee Surgery; Out For Season

      News: Mattias Ohlund underwent successful surgery on his left knee on Thursday and will be out for the season, according to a report on the NHL Network.
      Analysis: This isn't really a surprise; fingers crossed for both he and the Bolts that this isn't a career ender.
    • Lightning's Ohlund Slated For Knee Surgery

      News: Mattias Ohlund is slated to have major surgery on his left knee, the Tampa Tribune reports.
      Analysis: When referencing the potential recovery time from his upcoming knee resurfacing procedure, Mattias Ohlund noted, "we're talking months, not weeks." It seems pretty safe to assume that his season is done, however.
    • Bolts' Ohlund Unlikely To Return This Year

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knees) is unlikely to play again this season, reports the Tampa Times.
      Analysis: No-one is really saying anything but he hasn't skated and there is no timetable for him to do so. He has been supporting the team as an ad hoc assistant coach from his perch in the press box. He has four years left on a seven-year, $25.25 million contract.
    • Bolts' Ohlund May Be Out For Season

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knees) may not play again this season, reports the St. Petersburg Times.
      Analysis: "It just hurts him a lot more than what he would have expected or the doctors would have expected," Boucher said of the defender who had surgery to remove loose bodies in both knees back in October. "It's … difficult to manage because you can't do much more than what's been done. It's pain tolerance. It's a question of mobility. It's a question of can he skate at the level in the NHL he needs to follow." Boucher admitted that he's been operating as though Mattias Ohlund won't be back. And based on this description, we can't help but wonder if his career is in jeopardy.
    • Bolts' Ohlund (Knees) Suffers "Big" Setback

      News: Mattias Ohlund (knees) has suffered a "big" setback in his recovery, according to a report in the St. Petersburg Times.
      Analysis: He skated a couple weeks ago but then didn't return to the ice. There were no further descriptions of the setback. His absence has already over-stressed a weak blue line and his further absence will mean a trade is imminent -- the team is dropping in the standings and the blue line is a mess. Drop Mattias Ohlund if you had him stashed.
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