England enlists psychiatrist for support leading up to World Cup

England’s Steven Garrard is a believer in Dr. Steve Peters.
England’s Steven Garrard is a believer in Dr. Steve Peters. (Getty Images)

With the World Cup 100 days from its start in Brazil, national teams are looking to round into top form. England's approach, however, will go beyond its side's skill on the field; the Brits are also looking to train their minds.

Dr. Steve Peters has been recruited by England head man Roy Hodgson, according to the BBC, to help the players throughout the biggest tournament of their lives.

"We have to make sure that all benefits that might help us win more matches and go further in the tournament are exploited," Hodgson told the BBC. "He will really come into his own when we are in the tournament and he has time to work with the players, rather than the day or two around friendlies."

And this is not Peters' first rodeo. He was reportedly an important cog in England's two cycling gold medals at the 2008 and 2012 Summer Olympics. Plus, he's worked with a host of soccer stars, including England's own Steven Garrard.

"He has helped me a lot from a personal point of view," Gerrard said. "He helped me with a groin problem in 2010, when I feared for my career.

"I saw him in a one-on-one situation and I liked his work and continued to see him. I feel he can help the players if the players buy into what he is trying to do.

"He can't help you do a Cruyff turn or a 40-yard pass better, but he can help you learn what goes off inside your head.

"If the players buy into what he says, it will help. He is the best. I've played my most consistent form for Liverpool and England since seeing Steve."

England will compete in Group D at this summer's World Cup, and it will be no picnic. They are joined by Costa Rica, Italy, and Uruguay.

Can't blame 'em -- may as well take every advantage you can get.

(via Pro Soccer Talk)

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