Live Like an Athlete Podcast: How Fit Are You?

Remember that old 90's commercial, "Be Like Mike"? Of course you do. And if you don't, because you weren't yet born, congratulations: you're young enough to still believe that you actually can be like Mike.

In fact, that's just the thing that prompted the launch of the "Live Like An Athlete" podcast. In a way, we all want to be like Mike. Or LeBron. Or Jeter. Or whomever the star of a sports era may be. Footwear companies sell millions of pairs of sneakers with this desire in mind. Beverage makers, clothing brands, and basically any item an athlete can convincingly put his stamp on, benefit from the fan's elusive quest to emulate him. 

So, if we can "be like Mike" in our shoes, through our headphones, and with our cell phones, why not live like an athlete in a more literal sense? Eat like Mike. Train like Mike. Think like Mike. Sleep like Mike. The list is endless, and delivers a far more tangible experience.

"Live Like An Athlete" will feature weekly guests who are experts in the fields of nutrition, fitness, rehabilitation, medicine, psychology and professional sports. From trainers to neuroscientists, pro-athletes to therapists, you'll be able to learn to live like Mike. Minus his millions. Which is the subject of another podcast entirely.

This Week's Episode: "How Fit Are You? Assess Like an Athlete" - Leading pro-athlete strength and conditioning coach, Matthew Uoahara, speaks with us about ways to measure, monitor and improve your fitness level, whether you're a pro or a pedestrian, in the NFL Combine or an after-work kickball league.

Matt's three key tips are awesome, and free:

  1. Take a 10-minute hot-cold shower, post workout. Alternate between 1 minute very hot water, and 1 minute very cold water. This simulates the use of a cryosauna. Google it. Also, use common sense. Don't burn or freeze your important parts.
  2. Eat all of your food. Just like mom told you. She didn't mean the junk food. If you're training hard, whether for size, speed, or weight loss, make sure to eat all of your needed macro- and micronutrients to aid the body's performance relative to your goals.
  3. Download this free app, for Android: OverLoader - It's a Reference Psychomotor Vigilance Task (PVT) test. Yeah... Just listen to the podcast where Matt explains.

You can download this episode here. Be sure to subscribe to us here on iTunes, submit your questions for future guests at, and send a tweet to @ErinSharoni or @CBSHurc. Keep it clean. Just like your plate.

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