Lolo Jones skewers witness in George Zimmerman trial

American sprinter Lolo Jones has been in the news recently, but for the wrong reasons. (USATSI)

American sprinter Lolo Jones has been wont to stir the proverbial pot in recent weeks.

Jones rankled U.S. bobsledders earlier this month after publishing a Vine video disparaging her payment for seven months of service to the team, and on Thursday she tweeted a barb at a witness in the George Zimmerman murder trial.

Jeantel, a friend of the late Trayvon Martin, spent two days on the stand giving her testimony of the final moments of Martin's life.

At the very least, the tweet was ill-timed -- especially given the highly-sensitive nature of the trial.

Surprisingly, almost a full day later, the tweet remains.

(h/t Los That Sports Blog)

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