Ohio State wrestler wins title, school's AD receives bonus

Ohio State AD Gene Smith (right) earned a bonus after an OSU wrestler won the NCAA title. (Getty Images)

Ohio State junior Logan Stieber won the NCAA individual wrestling championship in the 141-pound weight class Saturday. In a somewhat backwards method of recognition, Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith will receive an $18,000 bonus, which is equal to one week's salary, according to the Associated Press.

As Deadspin points out, incentives such as this are not uncommon for ADs. But there is something inherently unfair about an administrator receiving a bonus for an individual's accomplishment.

Smith's contract has many built-in bonuses, including stipends for exceptional academic achievement from student-athletes. But he also receives a week's pay for any individual title winner in a number of men's and women's sports.

Stieber has now won three straight national championships, by the way.

One of the highest paid athletic directors in the country, Smith makes a base salary of $940,484.

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