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Hate Mail: Meet my stalker -- and a bunch of other bozos

I saved the best for last, promise. What's it like to have an actual stalker? I'll show you. But first, Hate Mail will show you what racism, gutlessness and idiocy look like.

Theirs -- not mine!

From: Jeff L.

I agree that Kyle Shanahan and Lane Kiffin are way overrated and undeserving of the jobs that they've been recently offered, but why would you give them the finger while hiding behind your column? Would you flip them off if you were present at one of their press conferences? Very, very immature and unprofessional commentary.

No of course I wouldn't flip them the bird at press conference! That sentence was imagery. It's not immature or unprofessional; it's a writing device. Next time I'll show you my assonance.

From: Protagoras

Since when did the word thug become a "racially loaded term?" After 33 years as a cop the only people I've run into who thought "thug" was somehow racial were crusader-types. These are people who feel guilt about their own racial makeup and therefore are compelled to stand up for minorities, especially blacks, when ANY derogatory remark is made about them.

Love that you call yourself Protagoras, one of the deepest philosophers in world history. Ironic, seeing how you're as deep as a litter box. And by the way: There's no way in hell you're not a racist jerk.

From: You Suck

You are the biggest moron. I would love to fight you amateur -- I would knock your ass out.

I admire your courage, You. Threatened me over the Internet, but you're no keyboard warrior. You actually signed your first and last name. Bravo.

From: Chris

I have to disagree with your recent column on James Franklin. Vanderbilt paid Franklin to recruit those players. They paid his travel expenses. They paid a support staff to make the travel arrangements for him. Franklin saying the recruits are now his because he is the one who sat in living rooms with players and families is like the contractor you hired to build your house -- with materials you paid for -- saying it's his house because he built it.

It's nothing like that, but whatever. And Franklin never said those players are "his." He gave them the choice to follow him to Penn State, and as a father of a teen myself, I'd like it if that were one of my kids. Stop thinking about this as a Vandy fan, and think about it as a human being. It's not always about YOU.

From: Evangeline

Launched in 1963, here are a few methods to discuss with the knockoffs from your authentic footwear. a pair of the house assortment and in addition makes you turns into eye-catching. with a calcaneus or alternatively

Made me look, Spam-Bot. An email from Evangeline? I'll click that. Not sure what a website for drilling and irrigation has to do with knockoff footwear though. You Spam-Bots could rule the world, if you could just get out of your own way.

From: Garry W. Gates

Your style and your shtick are lame. It must be easy to be a sportswriter these days. The look on Wes Welker's face as he threw himself at and collided with Aqib Talib was a dead giveaway. Demaryius Thomas dropped the pass because he knew what was happening and wanted to get a peek. A coincidence you say? I think not. It is my opinion that this was game-planned in the locker room.

The look on Welker's face, which you couldn't see on video? Thomas dropped the ball intentionally so he could watch the hit? This whole thing was planned in the locker room ahead of time? Garry, you might be the dumbest man alive.

From: Gregg Doyel Sucks

You suck, everything you write is worthless. The fact that you're OK with what Richard Sherman said compared to what Bill Belichick said is pathetic. And you think Pete Carroll's an elite coach? Really? He has a stacked team, I could coach them to 12-plus wins. Do us all a favor and quit writing.

Even that last guy thinks you're a moron, Gregg Doyel … I mean, um, Mr. Sucks.

From: Gregg Walsh

Other than sharing the same a first name I would want nothing to do sharing a thing with you. Your opinions are biased and always very similar. You should probably find another career since this gig with CBS Sports won't last too long.

Great advice, Greg. I've only been here since 2003, so that's just 11 years. Hell I still haven't unpacked the boxes from 2004, when CBS moved me to Cincinnati. I figure it's just a matter of time before they send me on my way.

From: Keith V.

You are an idiot. Good luck in you Internet career.

I saved most of the packing paper, too. That stuff's expensive, and newspaper leaves smudges on dishes.

From: TSB

From the headline and the very first sentence you opined that the Marshawn Lynch interview on Media Day was a "fiasco" and then "humiliating." I watched the entire thing and for the fan it was neither. We do not watch football to hear what the players say and think. We watch the players and game.

I'm confused, TSB. If you don't watch "to hear what the players say and think," then why were you watching Media Day?

From: Jeremy Stenvenson

Quote from article: Soon there were about 50 of us just standing there, watching him watch us. It was a stalemate of stupid. "Some job we have, huh?" the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger muttered to me. "Humiliating," I whispered back. You're spending a Tuesday afternoon in a sports arena recording quotes from superstar athletes. And getting paid for it. Get a sense of freakin' perspective. This is an embarrassing exchange, and I'm shocked someone would be dumb enough to publish it in their own article.

I'm not big on playing the typo game like some writers do on Twitter -- It's you're, not your! Ha! -- but is that a typo in your name? Love my job and understand how lucky I am to have it, but I'm watching a grown man, a professional athlete, stare at the media for 45 minutes because he doesn't want to answer questions. And I'm staring back, like the dummy I am. It's something I'll never forget. Though I wish I could.

From: Nick Blair

I have to say I've lost all respect for you as a journalist. You have been added to my list of media whores who are part of the problem. You media whores need to get over yourself.


Fans of football, not media whores

You drop it on the table like a straight flush: "I've lost all respect for you as a journalist." And then you take credit for speaking for other fans. I'm sensing delusions of grandeur. And a tiny, tiny … you know.

From: Greg Roman

Don't forget about Aaron Hernandez bro. He went to your school. Was he enabled? Did you ask your Pope Urban? He's won 20 straight at his new school. While Aaron Hernandez sits in a jail cell. For murder. Not for bullying ... but for murder.

This, everybody, is my stalker. He has the brains of the Scarecrow and absolutely no pride at all, but he writes every now and then to remind me that Joe Paterno will be redeemed and people like me will be reviled. Or something.

From: Greg Roman

"I say the idea that Winston is guilty just because he was accused is scary, and doesn't sound like any America I want to live in." Your own words make you a fool. But then I've known that for a long time. The day is coming Doyel, and the truth shall set you free.

Sounds like a threat. Consider me terrified.

From: Greg Roman

Okay Doyel. It's put up or shaddup time Motor Mouth. Us Joe-Bots have ponied up nearly $5,000 for you to donate to a charity of your choice if you'll debate John Ziegler on the Penn State Joe Paterno Rush to Injustice. I've kicked in $500 just to see how friggin' foolish JZ will make you look. Put me in your Hate Mail again Dufus ... make it a Trifecta!

Oh, you're in Hate Mail, Greg. I'm hoping your employers see how much time you spend writing me from work. And if you really cared about a charity of anyone's choice, you'd just donate the money. A donation with strings attached is as morally bankrupt as you are.

From: Greg Roman

My Joe-Bot buddies and I now have $6K ready to go to your favorite charity if you'll openly debate John Ziegler on Penn State and Joe Paterno. My assessment is you won't do it because you haven't grasped the facts, just hyperbole, and that will get you smoked as well as embarrassed.

Do yourself a favor, idiot.

From: Greg Roman

Thunder. Hear it?

Don't you ever…

From: Greg Roman

Thunder. It's getting closer Doyel. A domino has fallen Doyel ... and when one falls, there are others that fall too.

…show up on my doorstep.

From: Greg Roman

Thunder. Can you hear it yet Doyel? It's coming.

Actually, please do.

Gregg Doyel is a columnist for He covered the ACC for the Charlotte Observer, the Marlins for the Miami Herald, and Brooksville (Fla.) Hernando for the Tampa Tribune. He was 4-0 (3 KO's!) as an amateur boxer, and volunteers for the ALS Association. Follow Gregg Doyel on Twitter.
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