Adam Scott was asked if it's good to be Adam Scott

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Asking Adam Scott if it's good to be Adam Scott is pretty silly, isn't it?

It's like asking President Obama if it's empowering to be president. Or asking LeBron James if it's fun to be rich. Or asking Leonardo DiCaprio if he enjoys the dating scene his career offers.

Adam Scott is a multimillionaire-major winner who dates who he wants and takes the hearts of golf consumers' wives (or golf consumers themselves) whenever he shows up on TV. He has the body of a fighter and a swing Ben Hogan would raise his eyebrows at.

He's selling his house in Abu Dhabi for $7 million and giving away a free round of golf, you know, just for fun.

Of course it's good to be Adam Scott!

Anyway, here was the question:

Following you in the gallery and asking some of the people what they like about you, you had a pretty good crowd out there today.  And these were mostly women, of course, they said you're a great golfer, you're a world traveler, you're rich and you're lovely.  You've heard this before for a long time, but is it as good being Adam Scott as it appears to be?

(his reaction to the question can be seen in the photo at the top)

"I can't complain, I must say," said Scott.

I bet.

"I'm playing golf for a living, that's a good start, isn't it? It's pretty incredible to just be able to do that. I had a good crowd out there today. It was really nice. It was a good group, three good players, and we had a good crowd. There was a good atmosphere, especially the back nine because I had it going a bit. And hopefully they're enjoying some good golf."

It's almost more annoying that he's humble about it.

"But, yeah, I'm having a good run and I'm trying to enjoy the opportunities that I have.  I have no complaints."

Life is good.

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