Callaway's 'udesign' offers golfers new level of online club customization

Lefty rocking his Chargers driver. (Callaway)

Golf is the most personal of all major professional sports. We can look at someone playing football and say "wow," but understand that's not something we'll ever replicate. But swinging the same stick that Phil Mickelson has during a Sunday golf outing? Totally possible -- and even more so thanks to Callaway's new "udesign" online system.

The udesign is basically exactly what you would think it is -- an online shopping tool for the RAZR driver that lets consumers personalize their choice of club. 

“Golf is already the most personalized sport there is in terms of custom equipment options, and our new udesign by Callaway platform brings personalization to a new and exciting place," Jeff Colton, SVP of Global Brand and Product at Callaway said. “The opportunity to design your very own driver in the colors of your favorite team, alma mater or whatever you happen to feel looks best has never been offered on a mass scale."

Colton's point about the alma mater can't be overstated. For years, club covers have been chosen based on favorite schools, teams or animals.

Now, casual golf players can design clubs based on their choice of team. So can professionals -- Phil Mickelson , as you can see above, picked out a powder-blue RAZR in order to rep the San Diego Chargers.

Obviously, colors aren't the only option, but they're the most, um, colorful. There are actually 70,000 different combinations to use, with a surprisingly large variety of options available in grips and shafts. You can also change the loft, length, wrap and

As someone who's extremely particular about what kind of club I'm swinging, and prefers to have a personal connection to the golf equipment I used, it's an extremely welcome addition to online golf shopping.
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